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Baby resistance is poor, repeated illness, how to choose milk powder to enhance resistance?

Knowledge of milk powder
2018/08/14 16:00
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Every time the epidemic is high, it's easy to get infected... What's wrong with your baby? It's the poor resistance that's causing trouble!

  Babies get sick every three or five times.

  Cold, fever, diarrhea,

  If you don't eat right, you will get sick.

  When the weather gets warmer, you catch a cold.

  Every time the epidemic is high, it's easy to get infected... What's wrong with your baby? It's the poor resistance that's causing trouble!


  Baby's poor resistance performance:

  1. Get sick every three or five times, and catch a cold once a month on average.

  2. It's very difficult to get better every time you get sick. You have to take medicine, inject and even hospitalize.


  3. Infantile epidemic season, even pay attention to the details of feeding, can easily be infected.


  4. For each bacterial infection, antibiotics should be used for more than two months, and the effect is not good.


  5. Infusion is necessary to cure every cold.

  What nutrients in milk powder can affect the immunity of babies?


  1. nucleotides

  Nucleotides can enhance immunity, enhance iron absorption to help brain development, maintain high blood concentration, high density lipoprotein, stimulate intestinal Bifidobacterium growth to reduce diarrhea and so on.


  Nucleotides can enhance infants'immunity and anti-infection ability. The immune response to influenza E vaccine was higher than that of breast-fed infants, which had stronger immunity than that of dairy substitutes without nucleotides.



  During pregnancy, DHA can optimize the phospholipid composition of fetal brain pyramidal cells. Especially after 5 months, if the fetus is artificially stimulated by hearing, vision and touch, it will cause more dendrites in the sensory center of the fetal cerebral cortex, which requires the mother to supply more DHA to the fetus at the same time.


  In the cerebral cortex, DHA is not only the main component of nerve conduction cells, but also the main component of cell membrane formation. The main reason is that DHA can enter brain cells through blood-brain barrier, while EPA and linolenic acid, which are also unsaturated fatty acids, can not be absorbed by brain through blood-brain barrier.


  3. selenium

  Selenium is a necessary trace mineral nutrient for human body. The total content of selenium in human body is 6-20 mg. Supplementation within the recommended intake range can improve the baby's immunity and prevent infection. Infants, children's growth, intellectual development, visual protection, disease resistance are inseparable from it.


  The above-mentioned optional ingredients for improving the immunity of babies are listed for parents'reference. In terms of nutrition, sugar, fat, protein, vitamin minerals and other nutrients are indispensable in the process of baby growth, and these are fully reflected in milk powder or breast milk. Therefore, no matter what kind of milk powder is chosen, ensuring milk quantity is the key!


  How to choose high quality milk powder for baby?

  1. Pay attention to the source of milk powder

  Milk source is the source of milk powder and the most important raw material for making infant milk powder. If the quality of milk source is not good, no matter what method and process can be used to make up for it.


  Natural and pure pasture, water source and high quality dairy cows are the key factors to produce high quality milk powder.


  Therefore, mothers had better choose milk powder produced by regular enterprises with high quality milk source base and high reputation.


  When choosing milk powder, mothers must choose Anuxie to import Dutch goat milk powder, which is of high quality and safety. European imported pure sheep whey protein, rich in immunoglobulin and other active ingredients, precious and scarce, helps to improve the immunity of babies. In addition, goat milk powder also contains EGF, which promotes cell growth. These nutrients can stimulate the human immune system and enhance the immune health of babies. In addition, Ma people should also pay attention to the need to choose formula registered milk powder, so as to be safe.


  2. Pay attention to packing labels before purchasing milk powder

  Standard milk powder must be labeled on the outer packaging with factory name, factory site, production date, shelf life, implementation standard, trademark, net content, ingredient list, nutritional composition table and eating method. If any of the above items are missing, it is better not to buy them.


  Some mothers are accustomed to buying milk powder by sea. It is suggested that they carefully check the formula list before purchasing milk powder to see if it is suitable for their babies.


  3. Milk powder should be purchased according to the baby's age.

  Babies aged 0 to 6 months can choose one section of infant formula.

  Babies aged 6 to 12 months can choose 2 stages of infant formula.

  Babies over 12 months to 36 months can choose 3 infant formula and booster milk powder.

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