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Why should infant milk powder be segmented?

Knowledge of milk powder
2018/12/20 16:13
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 Formula milk is formulated according to the nutrients needed for the growth and development of the baby at different stages and the digestive and absorptive capacity of the baby.

  Formula milk is formulated according to the nutrients needed for the growth and development of the baby at different stages and the digestive and absorptive capacity of the baby. With the improvement of baby's digestive and absorption ability and the change of nutrient requirement, the composition of milk powder will also change. Infant formula milk powder will be divided according to the suitable age of the baby.


  1 segment 0-6 months (infant)

  2 segments 6-12 months (older babies)

  3 Segments 12-36 Months (Young Children)


  In order to meet the needs of babies at different stages of growth and development, milk powder is divided into five main nutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin) and mineral elements for comprehensive strengthening and adjustment.


  Characteristics of 1, 2 and 3 stages of milk powder


  1 stage milk powder

  One section of milk powder is not to pursue a nutrient content, but to pursue nutrient composition and distribution ratio is scientific enough, so that the baby can eat healthily. One section of milk powder will also change the composition of nutrients that are not conducive to digestion and absorption of infants at this stage, making it more suitable for digestion and absorption of infants.


  2 stage milk powder

  To adapt to the rapid development of babies, the demand for protein and energy is large, and the baby's milk consumption has increased. However, in order to avoid the baby's obesity, the two-stage milk powder will correspondingly reduce the fat content, in addition, it will promote the development of brain cells, the addition of nutrients for visual development.


  3 stage milk powder

  Suitable for babies over 1 year old. The proportion of essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, protein and other nutrients has been further adjusted by 3-stage milk powder. Minerals such as bezoic acid, calcium, iron and vitamins have also been added to ensure that babies get adequate and balanced nutrition.


  What happens if different sections of milk powder are eaten incorrectly?

  Generally speaking, it is possible to give infants who can already eat three milk powders two milk powders, but they can never reverse the operation. If the baby can only eat two sections of milk powder, but give the baby three sections of milk powder, then the final result is that the baby's stomach and intestines will be unbearable, and because it can not absorb, so lead to malnutrition.


  How to feed infant milk powder at different stages?

  1. Nursing capacity of infants in the first few days of their birth

 The infant's feeding capacity can be calculated by the infant's weight per kilogram, and 100-200 ml of pure Anutric sheep whey milk powder is given every day. If the baby's weight is 3 kg, it needs 3 x 100 (120) ml of pure milk powder = 300 (360) ml of pure milk powder. After adding water, the total amount of milk is divided by the number of tons, and the amount of milk used per meal can be obtained. If two milk is mixed with one water, it is 300 (360) milliliters of Anutric pure sheep whey milk powder milk + 150 (160) milliliters of Anutric pure sheep whey milk powder water. The total amount is 450-480 milliliters, which is taken 7-8 times, each meal is 60-70 milliliters of Anutric pure sheep whey milk powder.



  2. Infant feeding volume from 15 days to full month

  If the baby digestion is normal, can eat pure milk, nearly 100-150 ml of Anutric pure sheep whey milk powder per kilogram of body weight, about 60-100 ml of Anutric pure sheep whey milk powder per meal.


  3. Nursing capacity of infants from full to two months

  Milk volume increases gradually according to body weight, feeding 6-7 times a day, 3.5-4 hours interval each time, and eating about 80-120 milliliters of Anutric pure sheep whey milk powder per meal. You can eat up to 150 milliliters of Anutric pure sheep whey milk powder.


  4. Nursing capacity of infants in two to three months

  Feed 5 to 6 times a day, every four hours, each time 150 to 200 milliliters of pure Anutric sheep whey milk powder.


  5. Nursing capacity of infants for three to six months

  Feed 5 times a day, every four hours, every meal feeding amount: three to five months to eat 150-200 ml of pure sheep whey milk powder, five to six months to eat 200-250 ml of pure sheep whey milk powder, should master the total amount of milk, no more than 1000 ml of pure sheep whey milk powder, no more than 250 ml of milk per meal. Sheep whey milk powder. Start feeding supplementary foods four months before breast feeding.


  6. Nursing capacity of infants in six to nine months

  Feed milk every four hours, every time 200 - 250 ml of pure sheep milk powder, four meals of milk per day to three meals of milk, gradually from the beginning of supplementary food to replace one meal of milk. The amount of medium sugar gradually decreased.


  7. Nursing Amount of Infants in Nine to Twelve Months

  The whole day from eating three meals of milk to eating two meals of milk, 250 milliliters of pure sheep milk powder Anutric each time, still master to eat once every four hours, other meals all eat supplementary food. Feed water between every two meals of milk.

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