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OPO has six benefits, this article tells you all!

Knowledge of milk powder
2018/08/07 15:55
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How do you adapt to milk powder? The most intuitive expression is digestion and absorption.

  How do you adapt to milk powder? The most intuitive expression is digestion and absorption. As long as the absorption is not good, the stool will tell you in various postures, such as thin, dry, with milk petals and so on. Breast-fed babies are less likely to have abnormal digestion because their nutrients are more conducive to their digestion and absorption. People have been trying to imitate breast milk and improve the formula to improve the baby's digestion and absorption of milk powder.


  Formula milk powder has been upgraded again and again in the process of constantly imitating breast milk. In helping babies digest, people add probiotics, probiotics, various proteins, adjust the ratio of whey protein to casein in milk powder to improve babies'digestion and absorption of milk powder. 10 years ago, OPO structured lipids were approved to be added to infant formula food as nutritional fortifiers, which is another change of milk powder formula innovation. Leather.


  So, do you really know about OPO? I hope this article today will bring you different perceptions. Let's start with the concept and function of OPO.


  First, what is OPO structural fat?

  Its chemical name is: 1,3-dioleic acid 2-triglyceride palmitate, which can be labeled in the nutritional component table of milk powder packaging. So if you add OPO milk powder, you can see here.


  OPO is a special fatty acid molecule structure, which imitates the peculiar structure of breast milk fatty acid. Using vegetable oil as raw material, palmitate in common vegetable oil is esterified to Sn-2 position of glycerol main chain by enzymatic transesterification or acidolysis reaction, so that the proportion of palmitic acid in two positions is up to 40%, which is closer to the level of breast milk. Studies have shown that about 70% of the palmitic acid (P) in breast milk fat is located at the Sn-2 position in the main chain of triglycerides, while the Sn-1 and Sn-3 positions are mainly oleic acid (O), or O-P-O structure, which is more conducive to digestion and absorption.


  II. Six Functions of OPO Structural Lipids

  1. Easy to absorb and reduce nutrient loss

  OPO structural lipids can be hydrolyzed into better digestible short-chain saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids under the action of lipase, reducing the digestive burden of intestinal tract on fat; reducing the combination of fatty acids with calcium in intestinal tract, forming calcium-forming which is difficult to absorb, and avoiding the double loss of fatty acids and calcium.


  2. Soften stool and reduce constipation

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