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Since the establishment of the company, Anutric has always upheld the principle of""building core technology, creating excellent quality"", from external packaging to product formulation, focusing on every detail, and constantly accelerating innovation to meet market demand.So far, a number of patent achievements have manifested Anutric's innovation and intentions: once the products are on the market, they adopt the world's first independently designed infant milk powder high cover and apply for a patent; in 2012, the second generation of high canned cover packaging was introduced, which is more convenient and sanitary; in 2013, the third generation of patent  upgraded, which is more beautiful and more humane.Until now, Anutric has more than ten patents, such as ""design of high pot inlaid spoon"".




Anutric production base was built in 1952, locating in Anda City, Heilongjiang Province, and covering an area of about 300 mu. The glorious history of 67 years without quality and safety accidents has witnessed the strength of the enterprise.In 2018, the company invested heavily in importing high-end equipment and established a new production line to meet the production and quality requirements.
On the formulation of products, Anutric first introduced the formula goat powder and milk powder added ""fruit extract essence"" ,imported from Switzerland . In 2018, with the excellent quality, scientific formula design and fully balanced scale nutritional ratio, our infant products have successfully passed the registration and management of infant formula milk powder of China Food and Drug Administration. The infant formula goat milk powder is the only goat milk powder which was added the fruit extract,having passed national fomulation register. This is highly recognitiong of Anutric's product from the most authoriative department in the country.
Product quality upgrade plus service upgrade is the two-wheel driving force of Anutric's development. The mission of Anutric is to ""care for the healthy growth of babies"". The goal is to provide ""high-quality products with comprehensive and balanced nutrition suitable for Chinese babies"". High-quality products and services and the spirit of continuous innovation is Anutric's core competitiveness in the long-term development. Over the past years, Anutric's persistence on quality and steady development have established a good reputation in the industry. In 2013, Anutric was awarded the title of ""Pioneer of International Brand Promotion"", and in 2017 was awarded the title of ""Top 2025 Brands Made in China"", and was selected in the column of ""Quality"" in the same year.In 2019, Anutric won the honor of ""Excellent Enterprises in China Food Industry"" awarded by China Food Daily, the top authoritative and influential national media in the food industry. At the same time, Anutric's product became the designated product of CCTV's Children Channel ""Small Wisdom Tree"".
Since its inception, Anutric has not forgotten to give back to the society at the same time of its own development. For many years, Anutric has carried out a large number of social public welfare activities. Donations from welfare homes in their hometown; deliveries of disaster relief materials overnight after the Tanggu explosion; show loving condolences to poor families and donate milk powder and consolation funds to Luyi County, Zhoukou City, Henan Province; Inner Mongolia-anutric Joint Charity Fund, delivering milk powder and milk bottles of the company for the children who have lost their parents in Inner Mongolia; and in conjunction with Beijing ""Maternal and Infant Business Conditions"" to carry out donation for Ludian disaster-stricken area. As a responsible and conscientious enterprise, we use our own light and heat to warm others and repay the society in which we grew up.
Looking forward to the future, Anutric is well aware of its mission and responsibility as a Chinese milk powder enterprise, and will continue to rely on its own advantages and strong sense of social responsibility to be responsible for products and users.The purpose of ""Care for the healthy growth of Chinese babies"" is the foundation of Anutric’s life and the root of his development.In the future development, Anutric will adhere to the enterprise purpose, strive to cohesion and maintain our values, and provide more high-quality products and better services to every customer, partner and consumer.We will open the next era of development with the praise and connotation of decades of development! "

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