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Look, lactating mothers can eat fruits or not.

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2019/05/17 15:36
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Some breast-feeding mothers may have such questions, breast-feeding baby diarrhea, mother can eat fruit? In fact, the baby's diarrhea may be caused by the mother eating too much fruit, because most of the fruit is cold, breast-feeding mothers eat too much fruit, will cause the baby diarrhea. But it does not mean that breast-feeding mothers can not eat fruit, eat properly.

  Some breast-feeding mothers may have such questions, breast-feeding baby diarrhea, mother can eat fruit? In fact, the baby's diarrhea may be caused by the mother eating too much fruit, because most of the fruit is cold, breast-feeding mothers eat too much fruit, will cause the baby diarrhea. But it does not mean that breast-feeding mothers can not eat fruit, eat properly.


  Fruit contains a lot of vitamins, breast-feeding mothers can help their babies to supplement vitamins and many other active substances. Fruits can be eaten, but some fruits are called forbidden fruits for lactating mothers.


  1. Iced fruit

  In summer, people like to eat ice-cold fruits in order to cool down and relieve summer heat. But for breast-feeding mothers, this kind of fruit is absolutely untouchable. Besides, cold drinks, ice cream and other foods with too low temperature are the same. Breast-feeding mothers must eat fruit at room temperature when eating fruit. If the fruit is taken out of the refrigerator, it should be kept at room temperature for half an hour before eating, otherwise the baby will easily have diarrhea if the breast-feeding mother eats too much cold food.


  2. Cool fruit

  Food in traditional Chinese medicine will be cool, warm, hot difference. Of course, fruits are no exception. Most of the fruits in summer are cold fruits, especially melons such as cantaloupes, watermelons, melons, emeralds, crisp horns and so on. Cool fruit eating more easily lead to the phenomenon of indigestion baby, diarrhea aggravated.


  3. Hot fruit

  Hawthorn, cherry, pomegranate, litchi and so on belong to the warm nature. Excessive consumption of warm fruit in summer is easy to catch fire. Mothers during lactation do not recommend eating them.


  What fruit can you eat during lactation

  1. Bananas,

  Bananas contain a large amount of cellulose and iron, which can relieve constipation and replenish blood. Iron is one of the main materials for hematopoiesis. More bananas can prevent postpartum constipation and anemia. Maternal iron intake is more, milk iron is also more, is conducive to the prevention of infant anemia.



  Orange contains more vitamin C and calcium, vitamin C can enhance the elasticity and toughness of vascular wall, prevent bleeding. Because the maternal endometrium after childbirth has a larger wound, more bleeding, eat some oranges, can prevent postpartum hemorrhage. Calcium supplementation is also important. Calcium is an important component of baby's skeleton and teeth. Maternal eating some oranges properly can provide calcium to infants through maternal milk. It can promote the growth of infant's teeth and bones and prevent infants from rickets.


  3.red dates

  Jujube is the best tonic in fruits. It is good for postpartum mothers to eat more jujube. It contains a lot of vitamin C. There are also a lot of glucose and protein which have the functions of invigorating the spleen and stomach, invigorating qi and invigorating vital energy, and regulating blood vessels. It is suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach and insufficient Qi and blood.



  Osmanthus longan is a good fruit for tonifying blood and spleen. It tastes sweet, has a flat nature and is non-toxic. Postpartum people with weak constitution, appropriate to eat some fresh longan or dried longan flesh, can not only invigorate the spleen and stomach, but also can fill the heart and blood deficiency.



  Apple is a nutritious fruit, and more common, all the year round, is the safest fruit for breast-feeding mothers. Apple contains polysaccharides, potassium ions, pectin, tartaric acid and other substances, eat more apples to help drive away fatigue, but also beauty.

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