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Lack of milk? Do your homework and find out why.

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2019/05/17 15:39
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There are many benefits of breast-feeding. It is easy for newborn babies to absorb breast milk, nutrition is comprehensive, and it is not easy to get sick.

  There are many benefits of breast-feeding. It is easy for newborn babies to absorb breast milk, nutrition is comprehensive, and it is not easy to get sick. It is helpful for mothers to recover uterus, prevent iron deficiency anemia, and help postpartum weight loss. But as a first-time mother, there will always be a mother who has insufficient milk. Why do some mothers have as much milk as cows, and can donate some when their children can't finish eating, while some mothers can't even provide their children with basic food and clothing? In fact, many novice mothers lack milk mainly due to the following reasons.


  1. Postpartum lactation is not timely

  The sooner the baby is breast-fed after delivery, the sooner the milk is opened, the better for the baby and the better for the mother's body. It is generally recommended that milk should be opened within one hour after delivery, because the baby's sucking reflex is the strongest in the first hour after birth. At the same time, the baby's sucking can also promote the contraction of the mother's uterus, pay attention to preventing postpartum hemorrhage and so on.


  2. Fewer feeding times and insufficient sucking time for babies

  Lactation times and sucking time are not enough every 24 hours. Some new mothers wait until their babies are hungry to breast-feed, or the time interval between feeding is longer. This will affect the secretion of milk and eventually lead to insufficient milk. Make the baby suck on both breasts for 5-10 minutes. If you fall asleep while eating milk, you should pat your cheek and wake him up.


  3. Baby's sucking posture is incorrect

  If the baby sucks improperly, it will probably not be able to drink breast milk, it will not stimulate the mother to produce lactation reflex. This will affect the mother's milk production, resulting in insufficient milk.


  4. Baby oral dyskinesia

  Some babies because of facial defects affect normal sucking, making breast milk secretion of new mothers decreased, resulting in insufficient milk.


  5. Improper Addition of Supplementary Food

  Because some mothers secrete too little milk, they add formula milk or supplementary feeding to their babies. Because the babies have eaten other foods and do not feel hungry, they automatically reduce the amount of milk they suck, so that the deterioration of milk automatically decreases.


  Quick get's magic trick:

  1. Open milk as soon as possible after delivery

  If there is no special case, it is better to let the baby suck your nipple as soon as possible within half an hour after birth. Because the strongest sucking ability occurs within 20 to 30 minutes of the baby's birth.


  2. Let the baby suck more

  Baby's sucking can stimulate lactating mothers to secrete prolactin and oxytocin, whether these two hormones can make breast glands produce and secrete milk. Therefore, more sucking times are helpful to breast feeding, especially at night.


  3. Ensure effective feeding

  Breasts are sucked out each time to ensure effective feeding. Breast aspiration is very important for breast feeding and is easily overlooked. The milk is affected by hormones. When the breast produces milk under the influence of hormones, it also decides the amount of secretion each time according to the amount of milk stored in the breast.


  4. Don't prematurely supplement formula

  Early use of other foods to stop baby crying will make the baby satisfied with sucking and satiety, reduce the need for breast milk, and in the baby's view, it is more easier to eat a pacifier than nipple.


  5. Keep in a good mood

  Postpartum, the mood of new mothers is easy to fluctuate, easy to produce bad mood, which will affect milk secretion. It is suggested that we should try our best to keep a happy mood, which is more conducive to milk secretion.


  6. Balanced diet

  Attention should be paid to water supplementation. Due to the influence of estrogen, it will take some time to restore the function of gastrointestinal system within two months after delivery. Therefore, attention should be paid to balanced nutrition and digestibility in postpartum diet. It is usually possible to eat fewer meals, establish rules and eat less cold food.

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