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Which pregnant women need to be hospitalized in advance for delivery? Be vigilant in seven situations

Late pregnancy
2019/05/17 15:28
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 Often see other pregnant mothers live in the hospital very early waiting for delivery, but they went to the hospital by their own doctor told: go home and wait for the birth to come back! Why is that? When is the most appropriate time for a pregnant mother to be admitted to hospital for delivery? 

  Often see other pregnant mothers live in the hospital very early waiting for delivery, but they went to the hospital by their own doctor told: go home and wait for the birth to come back! Why is that? When is the most appropriate time for a pregnant mother to be admitted to hospital for delivery? In fact, for most pregnant mothers, they only need to go to the hospital when they are near childbirth. However, some mothers need to be hospitalized in advance to observe the delivery due to their own problems or some problems of their babies, so as to avoid the occurrence of accidents.


  Share a few things. Mothers can check their seats to see if they need to be hospitalized in advance for delivery.


  1. Over the due date

  Exclude some mothers who have misremembered the time of pregnancy. If the expectancy of the pregnant mother exceeds the time of delivery, the doctor suggests that she should be hospitalized at the latest 41 weeks. After admission, the doctor should evaluate the placental function, the condition of the mother and fetal head and pelvis, monitor and evaluate the condition of the fetus in uterus, and make some preparations before induced labor if necessary. If the fetus stays in the uterus for too long and if the placenta function decreases, it is likely to cause fetal hypoxia and unnecessary damage.


  2. Abnormal placement

  If the baby's buttocks and transverses are found during the maternity examination, it is necessary to be ready for medical treatment and delivery at any time.


  3. Multiple pregnancy

  Single pregnancies may be ready for admission at any time within 37 weeks. If it is twin or multiple pregnancies, generally to 34 weeks, the earliest 32 weeks should be ready to give birth at any time, because the incidence of multiple pregnancies is very high, and may be earlier than single pregnancy, if there are other complications, hospitalization may be earlier.


  4. Scar uterus

  Previous mothers with a history of cesarean section are pregnant again. Doctors may recommend maternal hospitalization at 38-39 weeks to assess the safety of deciding the mode of delivery and vaginal delivery.


  5. Gestational diabetes mellitus

  For patients with gestational diabetes mellitus, doctors generally advocate hospitalization within 39 weeks and timely monitoring of induced labor. In order to avoid harmful effects on mother.


  6. Pregnancy with heart disease

  Doctors will appropriately recommend early hospitalization according to the severity of heart disease in pregnant mothers, do appropriate obstetric, medical or surgical treatment, and assess the situation of pregnant mothers to determine the mode of delivery.


  7. Preeclampsia

  Pregnant mothers with hypertensive disorder complicating pregnancy will be differentiated according to the severity of the disease. If severe preeclampsia occurs, no matter which gestational week it is advocated for hospitalization for guardianship.


  Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, and every mother will be happy to welcome the arrival of a new life. So don't be too nervous. Before delivery, you can listen to some soothing music and take a walk outdoors properly, which is conducive to the smooth progress of childbirth.

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