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What are the benefits of adding OPO to infant milk powder for babies

Knowledge of milk powder
2018/11/06 16:15
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Researchers have been developing infant formula milk powder by imitating the nutrition and structure of breast milk, and improving the formula to improve infant's digestion and absorption of milk powder.

  Researchers have been developing infant formula milk powder by imitating the nutrition and structure of breast milk, and improving the formula to improve infant's digestion and absorption of milk powder. In the process of changing and upgrading infant milk powder, we have gone through the first generation of adding DHA ARA to promote brain development, the second generation of adding nucleotides to activate the immunity of infants, until now into the third generation - OPO structural lipids are approved to be added as nutritional fortifiers in infant formula food. So, do mothers know about OPO? Now let's talk about OPO.


  In a word, OPO is actually a kind of structured fat, which is processed by advanced technology to form a unique two-palmitic acid structure, which is similar to the molecular structure of breast milk lipid, so that milk powder can be closer to the level of breast milk.



  So what are the benefits of OPO for babies?

  1. Easy to absorb and reduce nutrient loss

  OPO structural lipids can be hydrolyzed into better digestible short-chain saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids under the action of lipase, reducing the digestive burden of intestinal tract on fat; reducing the combination of fatty acids with calcium in intestinal tract, forming saponified calcium which is difficult to absorb, and avoiding the double loss of fatty acids and calcium.


  2. Soften stool and reduce constipation

  Ordinary vegetable oils, such as palmitic acid of palm oil, are located at the position 1 and 3 of the glycerol main chain, which is the P-O-P structure. This kind of fat is hydrolyzed by lipase, and the free long chain fatty acid is easy to form an indigestible calcium soap clot with the calcium in the intestine. Calcium soap hardens the stool texture and increases the risk of constipation and blockage of the intestine.


  OPO structural fat can avoid this reaction, make baby's stool softer, reduce constipation, baby's defecation easier.


  3. Facilitating calcium absorption and enhancing bone strength

  A study published in the International Calcification Organization magazine in 2012 showed that formula milk powder with OPO structured fat had a significant effect on promoting bone strength of full-term infants. OPO structural lipid reduces the occurrence of calcium soap, is more conducive to calcium precipitation in bone, and helps the growth and development of baby's skeleton and teeth.


  4. Helping Probiotic Proliferation

  In 2013, the American Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition reported that OPO structural fat formula milk powder is beneficial to increase the number of Lactobacillus and bifidobacteria in intestine. OPO structured lipids can maintain the normal digestive status of intestinal tract, increase the number of probiotics, form a stable virtuous cycle, and maintain the normal microecological balance of intestinal tract.


  5. More comfortable abdomen, less crying baby

  In 2014, Israeli scholars conducted a study that found that eating high levels of beta-palmitate (OPO structural fat) milk powder could reduce crying in babies. Owing to the easy digestion and absorption of OPO structural fat, the baby's abdomen is more comfortable and the discomfort caused by abdominal distension, constipation and diarrhea is reduced.


  6. Maintaining Intestinal Health and Reducing Intestinal Inflammation

  According to an experimental study in 2013, SN-2 palmitic acid can reduce intestinal erosion and morphological damage, in short, it has a protective effect on intestinal mucosa and can reduce the occurrence of enteritis.


  Through my introduction, do BMs have a deeper understanding of the nutritional components of OPO? Is there a new sense of choice when choosing milk powder?

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