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How do hot working mothers have good pregnant spirit?

Early pregnancy
2019/05/17 15:20
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 During pregnancy preparation and pregnancy, women in the workplace should try their best to avoid entering and leaving newly renovated places, especially in the home environment, workplace and other environments, because the chemical composition of paint and paint can easily cause fetal malformation and miscarriage.

  1. Adjusting working environment

  During pregnancy preparation and pregnancy, women in the workplace should try their best to avoid entering and leaving newly renovated places, especially in the home environment, workplace and other environments, because the chemical composition of paint and paint can easily cause fetal malformation and miscarriage.


  If the company has air conditioning, it must open windows and ventilate regularly. If you plan to get pregnant, don't touch the computer too long. Stand up and move every other time, and make fewer or no public calls. In addition, the working area of pregnant women must be far away from the photocopier and smoking area.


  2. Attention to dress

  Many women in the workplace like to wear tight clothes because they can show their proud figure. But tights are harmful to women's health. They can make the blood circulation in the body not smooth, and eventually lead to symptoms of menstrual back pain, abdominal pain and other symptoms, and may also cause endometriosis.


  High-heeled shoes can lengthen women's height and set off more graceful women, but wearing high-heeled shoes for a long time has the hidden danger of uterine forward or pelvic ectopic. If the company does not make strict requirements on employees'clothes, pregnant women in the workplace may wish to change into flat shoes and comfortable, loose clothes.


  3. Nutritional balance

  Nowadays, women in the workplace often eat unreasonable meals in order to lose weight or because they are too busy at work. If this goes on, malnutrition and anemia may occur. Their own health will be threatened, let alone provide a healthy hotbed for baby!


  If the expectant mother is pregnant under anemia, it will cause malnutrition of the fetus and may also cause abortion. Pregnant women's daily diet should be comprehensive and balanced, avoid high fat and sugar foods, some stimulating foods, such as strong tea, strong coffee, spicy food to eat less.


  Women with vegetarian diet habits in pregnancy stage, it is best to make appropriate dietary adjustments, intake of comprehensive nutrition, after all, some nutrients can not be obtained by vegetarian diet alone. Therefore, for the health of the baby, we must pay attention to a balanced diet! In addition, women will begin to eat folic acid during pregnancy preparation. Don't forget!


  4. Moderate Exercise

  Nowadays, the pace of work is getting faster and faster. Many women in the workplace sit in front of the computer for many years, one day at a time. This kind of work status can easily cause adverse effects on cervical vertebra, waist, eyes and other parts. Therefore, women in the workplace should stand up and move at regular intervals, take a cup of hot water or go to the bathroom to avoid fatigue of the body and eyes.


  Outside of work, women in the workplace can regularly go to the gym to exercise, or do some outdoor aerobic exercise. In addition, the unexpected mothers in the workplace can choose swimming and yoga. Breaststroke 2-3 times a week is conducive to pelvic floor muscle repair, while yoga can improve pelvic blood supply very well. Scientific exercise can promote the rational allocation of hormones in pregnant women. If you want a healthy baby, you must adhere to the appropriate amount of exercise.


  5. Prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases

  Women during pregnancy preparation should always pay attention to their health, especially pay more attention to the prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases, so as to clear the barriers to pregnancy. If gynecological diseases are not treated in time, it will affect women's pregnancy, such as vaginitis, cervical erosion and other gynecological diseases, may cause sperm can not smoothly combine with eggs.


  6. Minimize the use of cosmetics

  If there is no mandatory requirement, pregnant women should make up as little as possible, because harmful ingredients in cosmetics will gradually deteriorate to all parts of the body with the absorption of skin, heavy metals such as lead and Mercury will be difficult to metabolize once they enter the body. Plain face is also a kind of beauty, for the sake of baby's health, pregnant women should use less cosmetics, because maybe when you don't know, the baby will come quietly.

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