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The backhand touches the navel’s mother’s search for eating fruits like this.

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2016/08/05 00:01
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 Fruit is the spirit of all things. Nature's fruit contains all kinds of trace elements that are indispensable to the human body. Fruits have a good nutritional supplement to pregnant mommy, which can alleviate various loads of the body.

  Fruit is the spirit of all things. Nature's fruit contains all kinds of trace elements that are indispensable to the human body. Fruits have a good nutritional supplement to pregnant mommy, which can alleviate various loads of the body.


  Pregnant mothers in early pregnancy need to choose apples, peaches and other neutral fruits, moderate consumption of long-fruited fruits such as longan and lychee, and some cold fruits such as watermelon, grapefruit, and orange, and avoid eating a large amount of hawthorn food, because of hawthorn It has a contraction effect on the uterus to avoid abortion caused by stimulation. In the second trimester, pregnant mommy can choose a variety of fruits to supplement according to her own constitution. In the third trimester, pregnant mommy can eat more fruits such as kiwifruit with high vitamin content.


  Recommended fruit: Apple contains phosphorus and iron, easy to absorb, has brain and nourishing effect, is very suitable for pregnant mommy's mild fruit; mango is rich in sugar and vitamins, especially vitamin A content The first place in the fruit, the right amount of mango has the effect of eyesight and moisturizing the skin; banana can provide more potassium ions that can lower blood pressure, has the effect of resisting sodium ion boosting and damaging blood vessels, and has a significant effect on relieving constipation; kiwi is known as The "super fruit" with the highest nutritional value is rich in cellulose and potassium ions, which can effectively prevent constipation and help digestion of pregnant mommy.


  It is best to choose fresh seasonal fruits during pregnancy. The anti-seasonal fruits should be eaten as little as possible. Eating fruits should not be excessive. It is not advisable to eat fruits. Although the fruits are nutritious, the nutrition is not comprehensive, especially the protein and fat. Less, and these two substances are also indispensable for fetal growth and development. When summer arrives, it is recommended that pregnant mothers can use fruit juice to make fruit juice, because the choice of fruit juice not only occupies a small part of the gastrointestinal system but also reduces the burden on the digestive system, and can more efficiently absorb various micronutrients.


  Finally, we must remind the pregnant mothers that they must pay attention to food hygiene when eating fruits and vegetables. They must wash the skin when eating raw food, and do not cross-cut the fruit with a kitchen knife to avoid carrying parasite eggs to the fruit. It is best to eat fruit between meals, and because the fruit contains a variety of fermented sugar substances, it is highly corrosive to teeth, it is best to gargle after eating, to avoid caries caused by fruit residue in the mouth.

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