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Parenting lecture hall | Baby's visual guardian lutein

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2018/11/12 00:01
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 The eyes are the windows of the child's heart. Every parent wants their children to have a pair of bright big eyes. In this issue of parenting lectures, we will pay attention to the child's visual development and participate in the development of a very important nutrient _ lutein.

  Baby's visual guardian lutein

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  The eyes are the windows of the child's heart. Every parent wants their children to have a pair of bright big eyes. In this issue of parenting lectures, we will pay attention to the child's visual development and participate in the development of a very important nutrient _ lutein.


  The eye is the most important sensory organ of our human beings. Throughout our life, we have acquired more than 80% of the knowledge and information through our eyes. Before the age of 1 is the golden age of children's visual development, and 0-6 months is the key period for children's visual development.


  When the baby is born, it is the worst time of sight in this life (ignoring the serious myopia of myopia). Every time I grow up, I will see it more clearly. It will not be complete until 1 year old. All the pictures he saw at the time of his birth were almost vague. Only 2 months can only accept simple, intense light and color. For example: black, white, simple lines and graphics. After 3 months, the baby can begin to see the face of Mom and Dad, and within 6 months, you can see objects within 1 meter. You can see the completion screen until the baby is 1 year old, and see people and things 2_3 meters away.


  The formation of vision is mainly formed by the macular area of ​​the retina. In the macular area, there is a high concentration of lutein. Lutein can increase the baby's central vision and enhance the baby's visual resolution.


  What is lutein?

  First, lutein, also known as carotenoid, is an antioxidant itself. It has the functions of maintaining visual function, absorbing and filtering blue light, and protecting the eyes from light damage. Blue light is one of the main rays entering the inner eye to reach the macular area, and it is also the most harmful light to the macula. High concentration of lutein can protect the eye by filtering blue light to alleviate the damage caused by blue light. Experts say that lutein is a component of breast milk, and the body itself cannot synthesize itself and must be obtained through diet. The study found that on average, each microliter of breast milk contained 25 micrograms of lutein. Therefore, when breastfeeding or breast milk is not enough, it is recommended to choose a formula that adds lutein to ensure that your baby gets enough lutein.


  What are the benefits of lutein to your baby?

  Benefit 1: The role of lutein from the baby's birth is especially important, it can effectively absorb and filter 40% of the blue light, reducing the blue light to the macula. It relieves the damage of blue light on the macula of the retina and protects the eyesight.


  Benefit 2: Lutein has strong antioxidant activity and can effectively prevent cell damage caused by radiation stimulation of the eyes. Normal eyes usually contain high concentrations of antioxidants, the main ingredient of which is lutein. Therefore, supplementing enough lutein during the growth of the child can help increase the density of lutein in the eye, which can greatly reduce the risk of myopia, retinal macular degeneration and other diseases in the future.


  Benefit 3: 0_3 years old is a critical period for children's brain development, lutein can improve your baby's cognitive ability. Lutein can pass through the blood-brain barrier and is preferentially taken up by brain tissue. It is also the most abundant carotenoid substance in brain tissue, which has important significance for early brain development of the baby.


  How to get lutein?

  1) Lutein is a component of breast milk, and breast milk is the best food for your baby to obtain lutein. When breast milk is insufficient, it is recommended to strengthen the formula added with lutein to ensure the supplement of lutein.


  2) Dark green, yellow, orange vegetables and egg yolk are rich in lutein, which is high in dark green vegetables such as spinach and cabbage. Your baby can supplement your eyes with plenty of lutein. If your baby does not eat enough vegetables, you can also choose to add lutein powder to supplement.


  3) Anutric milk powder infant formula milk powder adopts the full balance formula, especially adding lutein, OPO, DHA, nucleotide and other nutrients, effectively protecting the baby's vision, balancing the baby's nutrition, solving the child's eye fatigue, let Keep your eyes away from your baby and let your baby win at the starting line.


  Thank you for your attention to the Anutric Parenting Knowledge Lecture Hall. Let's see you next time!

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