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Winter flu, have you taken care of your little baby?

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2018/12/27 00:01
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 There is a mistake "love" that makes you catch a cold. Mom gives you the "best" needle, the "best" medicine, and the "best" doctor. But the truth is, only to improve the child's immunity is the best love for the child.

  There is a mistake "love" that makes you catch a cold. Mom gives you the "best" needle, the "best" medicine, and the "best" doctor. But the truth is, only to improve the child's immunity is the best love for the child. Do the mothers realize it? The child's health, seven points to raise three points, improve baby immunity from now on! The best doctor in the human body is their own immunity. Immunity has increased, children are less ill, and mothers are less worried.


  Winter is here, the weather is getting cooler and the climate is dry. Peripheral colds, coughs, and fever flocked. In this explosive flu, has your family Xiaobao recruited? Which baby is easy to recruit influenza virus?


  1. Low immunity

  Children are prone to catch a cold, and they are first associated with their physiological characteristics and immature immune system. The nasal cavity of the child is narrow, the mucous membrane is soft, the mucosal gland is insufficiently secreted, the nasal cavity is relatively dry, and the adaptability and resistance to the external environment are poor, and inflammation is prone to occur. Premature babies, sick children, especially those with congenital immune diseases, are prone to catch a cold with a slight mistake in care.


  2. Improper feeding methods

  Children are prone to catch a cold, and they have a very big relationship with parents' improper feeding methods. Because children grow faster and develop, and the nutritional supplement is insufficient or the supplement is not balanced, it will cause different degrees of protein, vitamin and mineral deficiency, affecting the resistance of the child's body. For example, lack of body protein, immune active substances will be reduced, and low immune resistance will easily induce infectious diseases. If vitamin A is deficient, it will cause the cilia of the airway epithelial cells to decrease and disappear, the gland loses its normal function, the lysozyme and secreted immune antibodies are significantly reduced, and the barrier function is reduced, which may lead to disease.


  3. Poor living environment

  The family room is dark and damp, the indoor temperature is too high or too low, the doors and windows are closed all the time, and the air is not circulating. Poor environment, turbid air, and great harm to the respiratory tract are important causes of colds. There are also some parents who dress too much or too little for children. The result is not sweating or cold, it is easy to induce a cold.


  4. Less outdoor activities

  Lack of outdoor activities. Especially in northern China and in areas with long cold seasons, children spend most of their time indoors. Living in an air-conditioned room all day, once it is cool, it can't adapt, and it is easy to catch a cold. In addition, staying indoors for a long time, lack of sunshine will cause calcium deficiency in children, affecting the child's growth and development.


  In the winter, the cold is coming, how can mothers help children prevent colds?

  1. Choose a suitable infant formula, feed it properly, and add complementary food in time.


  2. increase the amount of outdoor activities, more sun, improve the child's ability to withstand cold.


  3. do not wear too much, clothing is too thick, easy to sweat, once the cold is easy to cause a cold.


 4. in the climate change, we must pay attention to increase and decrease of clothing, in the winter and spring respiratory diseases in the frequent season, try not to bring children to crowded public places to reduce the incidence of disease.


  6. if the family suffers from a cold, should avoid contact, and pay attention to indoor ventilation.


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