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Is the milk powder easy to dissolve and represents good quality?

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2018/10/26 00:01
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Introduction: Welcome to the Annus Parenting Knowledge Lecture Hall! What I want to share with you today is First, is the milk powder easy to dissolve, which means good quality?

  Introduction: Welcome to the Annus Parenting Knowledge Lecture Hall!

  What I want to share with you today is

  First, is the milk powder easy to dissolve, which means good quality?


  Many times, mothers think that milk powder with better solubility is one of the characteristics of good milk powder. However, when feeding your baby, mothers may find that even the same brand, you will encounter poor solubility. So is the solubility of milk powder really related to quality? What are the reasons that affect the solubility of milk powder? Today, Anuchi will take you to the treasure mothers to find out.


  Second, what is the solubility of milk powder?

  The solubility of milk powder means that after the milk powder is mixed with a certain amount of water, it can be restored to a uniform and stable liquid state of the milk.


  A bottle of prepared milk powder is not a real solution. The solubility of various nutrients in formula milk powder is different, there are soluble or insoluble, soluble and insoluble, and the dissolution of milk powder includes the dissolution of soluble components and the dispersion of insoluble components. The prepared formula is mainly composed of a system of a solution, a suspension and an emulsion, and is a stable and uniform liquid state.


  3. What are the factors that affect the solubility of milk powder?

  (1) The raw materials and formula of milk powder affect solubility


  1. Whole milk powder is more difficult to dissolve than skim milk powder. The surface of the whole milk powder is generally covered with a hydrophobic free fat, so that the solubility of the milk powder is reduced.


  2. Some insoluble nutrients are added to the milk powder: the protein and fat in the main ingredients of infant formula are insoluble or slightly soluble in water. For example, Annus infant formula contains milk that helps the baby's resistance. Albumin, OPO structural lipids that play an important role in the digestion and absorption of the baby's gastrointestinal tract, and high-quality DHA that promote the development of the brain's nerves. These precious nutrients play a major role in the healthy growth of the baby, but it is difficult to completely dissolve in the water, mostly Forming a suspension with water, that is, fine particles are evenly suspended in the water, so you may find small wall hanging on the wall of the bottle during the brewing.


  3. The influence of the season and the area of ​​the milk source may also cause the solubility difference of the formula. This is also a common reason for the same brand to have solubility differences in the same segment.


  (2) The production process of milk powder affects solubility

  The milk powder using the instant process has a faster dissolution rate than the ordinary milk powder, and even the cold water is soluble without agglomeration, because the convenience of the brewing is high, the senses are good, and it is also popular. Whether it is skimmed milk powder or whole milk powder, the dissolution rate can be increased by the instant process.


  It should be noted that the instant process strictly only increases the speed of dissolution of the milk powder, and does not really improve the solubility of the milk powder and nutrients. There is no necessary correlation between whether a milk powder adopts an instant process and its quality.


  (3) The mode of brewing affects solubility

  1. The water temperature is not suitable: the water temperature of the milk powder plays a decisive role in the solubility of the milk powder, that is, the recovery. The common milk powder has a water temperature of 45_55 °C.


  The temperature is too low, which affects the hygroscopicity and dispersibility of the milk powder particles and reduces the dissolution rate; if the temperature is too high, the protein is denatured and the solubility is lowered.


  2. Stirring is not enough: Some parents worry that foam will be generated when the milk powder dissolves, and the strength of shaking when brewing is not enough, resulting in water not being able to fully contact with the powdered milk particles, and it is easy to appear a lot of wet outside, dry milk powder mass (small floating At the liquid level, the big sinks at the bottom of the bottle). Once such a milk block appears, it is difficult to dissolve even if you stir it with chopsticks.


  3. The order of water and milk powder is wrong: firstly, water can not only be used to adjust the milk of a more accurate concentration, but also improve the solubility. Because the water is discharged first and then the milk powder is released, the contact area between the milk powder particles and the water can be greatly improved.


  4. The direction of shaking is wrong: Many mothers are worried about the problem of agglomeration of the milk powder, which is shaken up and down and left and right. This will generate a lot of bubbles. When the baby drinks milk with a lot of bubbles, it is easy to spit milk and bloating. The correct way to prepare milk powder is to shake the bottle smoothly in one direction. The milk thus prepared can dissolve the milk powder completely without foaming.


  4. Is there absolute relationship between solubility and quality?

  In fact, solubility mainly reflects the extent to which milk powder is reconstituted into milk. It is a physical phenomenon and does not represent the quality of milk powder. The above factors affecting the solubility of milk powder do not have a bad effect on the quality of milk powder. For example, organic milk powder is very demanding in terms of process and nutrient safety requirements, but its solubility is not ideal, even less than the solubility of non-organic milk powder. There are also goat milk powders with smaller molecular particles. In order to maintain the nutrition, the brewing is not easy to dissolve. Therefore, it is not objective to judge the quality of milk powder from the perspective of solubility.


  Of course, if a milk powder has poor solubility, it also shows many problems such as stratification of the solution, uneven color of the powder, lumps of the milk powder, odor, etc., which must be a quality problem.


  5. What problems should I pay attention to when properly correcting milk powder?


  1, pay attention to water temperature

  Adjust the water temperature according to the instructions for formula packaging. In winter, the water temperature is relatively fast, and it can be raised by about 5 °C. It can be measured with a water temperature meter or with more experience.


  2, pay attention to shaking strength

  Rotate the bottle horizontally in one direction

  Holding one third of the bottle, the wrist is forced to draw the bottle in one direction, the strength is relatively large, and it is not easy to produce too much foam. This method is more suitable for milk powder or organic milk powder which is slightly more difficult to dissolve.


  Stirring method

  This method is used relatively less, but some organic milk powders have poor solubility. If larger agglomerates are more likely to occur, stirring with a blender or spoon can increase the solubility.


  Thank you for your attention to the Nuith Parenting Knowledge Lecture Hall. Let's see you next time!

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