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2018/11/12 00:01
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The weather is getting colder and colder, and the children have a fever and a fever. Many parents have been rushed.

  The weather is getting colder and colder, and the children have a fever and a fever. Many parents have been rushed. What is the child's fever in the end, how to care for fever at different temperatures? Parents pay attention to it, the fever is not big, it is not small, not careless! Today, I will work with Xiaobian to learn how to care for your child's fever!


  Fever is not a disease, please remember!


  A fever is not a disease in itself, but a symptom of the disease. Human body temperature is relatively constant, and once the body temperature exceeds the maximum temperature of normal body temperature, it is called fever. Usually, when the germ invades the human body, the human body will initiate some defense mechanisms, such as leukocytes and lymphocytes with bactericidal action, in order to fight the invasion of the bacteria. In the activation signal of the human defense mechanism, fever is the most important one. This is caused by the up-regulation of the body temperature regulation center of the hypothalamus to control the body temperature, leading to fever.


  First, below 38.5 °C, physical cooling is dominant


  Under normal circumstances, the baby has three types of fever: low-grade (37.5 ~ 38 ° C), medium-burning (38.1 ~ 39 ° C), high fever (39.1 ~ 40 ° C). What the mother needs to know is that if the baby's body temperature is below 38.5 °C, the overall feeling is also good, and there is no drowsiness, then in fact, you can go with the flow and take care of the child as usual, the mother does not have to give the baby the medicine in the first time. Physical cooling is best for your baby.


  Suggested method:

  1. Don't blindly "sweat"

  Some fathers and mothers feel that giving the baby "sweat" has a therapeutic effect on fever. If this is done, the baby's body heat can't be emitted. For small babies up to 3 months, the "open bag" is generally used, and the clothes are opened to wear less clothes, which is to cool down physically.


  The child's body temperature regulation center is not perfect. Using the "sweating sweat" method can not only make the body temperature drop, but will cause the body temperature to rise suddenly, and it is prone to febrile seizures. It is the most undesirable way to cool down.


  2. wipe the body to cool down

  It is best for the mother to use warm water to clean the baby for physical cooling, but be aware that don't use alcohol to avoid entering the baby through the respiratory tract or skin.


  3. drink plenty of water to urinate

  If your baby has a fever, drink plenty of water and let the baby pee and help the body to circulate. And to supplement the electrolytes lost in the body, see the situation can let the baby drink some glucose water or light salt water.


  Second, 38.5 ~ 39 ° C can take appropriate medicine

  When the baby has a fever at 38.5 ~ 39 ° C, at home while taking physical cooling, you can take the antipyretics at the same time, but can not use the drug at will, so that the baby is more comfortable, prevent the baby from fever and convulsions.


  Suggested method:

  1. using antipyretics

  The commonly used antipyretics mother can prepare a little, which can make the baby more comfortable. If your baby does not like oral medications, suppositories for rectal use can also be used.


  2. warm and wet compress

  Apply a large towel that is warm and humid to the baby's chest and abdomen. Do not use air conditioner to prevent the baby from becoming more serious. Also, use some cool wet towel (about 25 ° C) to twist into a semi-dry, put it on the baby's forehead, neck, armpit and thigh root for cold compress, wait until the towel is hot and then change one.


  3. ice or ice pillow (hospital use, home care should be used cautiously)

  It is also possible to place the baby's forehead or both sides of the neck with an ice pack, underarm and bilateral groin. Homemade ice packs can be used to pack crushed ice into plastic bags. Add a proper amount of cold water, press out the air, and tie the mouth of the bag. Ice pillows are also a good choice, they can effectively help your baby to fever. However, it is best to wrap a layer of cloth outside the ice pack and do not hurt the skin. Generally, ice packs and ice pillows are only suitable for small babies. If the baby is less than half a year old, it is best to use antipyretic stickers to make the baby comfortable.


  Third, 39 ° C to 40 ° C warm water wipe bath

  When the baby has a fever of 39 to 40 ° C, then it is already quite serious. Not only to take medicine, but also to use warm water to wipe the bath, help the baby to enhance blood circulation and timely heat dissipation.


  Suggested method:

  1. warm water to wipe the body

  When the baby has a fever, use 40 to 50 °C warm water to wipe the neck, underarms, elbow socket, thigh root and other large blood vessels to help the baby cool down.


  2. warm water bath cooling

  The warm water bath is also a good choice. When bathing, let the baby's body (except the head) soak in water slightly below the body temperature of 2 °C, wipe the whole body with a wet towel to make the blood vessels on the surface of the skin expand to promote Heat is emitted. Every time it’s about a quarter of an hour, then four or five hours. This can help your baby's blood circulation.


  Fourth, more than 39 ° C, seek medical attention immediately

  Infants and young children sometimes have a high fever at 39 °C, because high fever can also produce many complications, such as loss of consciousness, fixed or upturned eyes, head and neck back, facial muscles and limb convulsions. Therefore, if the baby is very serious, it is best to send it to the hospital in time.


  Suggested method:

  If the baby has a fever of more than 39 ° C (especially the baby under 3 years old), it is not caused by vaccination fever; urinary sensation of burning; after burning more than 24 hours, and then repeatedly burned, it is best to go to the hospital for treatment.


  If you have a history of fever and convulsions, poor mental health, lethargy, etc., body temperature is less than 39 ° C, you have to seek medical attention.


  Five, supplement water and food

  A baby in a fever should have more water and food needs per day than usual, but it is usually not easy to supplement because of physical discomfort.


  The easiest way to do this is to use a drop of plastic dropper to squeeze water for him. A dropper is about 1 _ 2 ml, and a dropper is fed with a dropper.


  Babies in fever need digestible food, eat less meals, avoid eating too much, so as not to increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract. Generally, the amount of single food is about 2/3 of the usual amount, and the total amount is preferably one or two percent more than usual.


  Tips: Give Annuhi a baby, easy to digest, balanced nutrition, let the weak baby, get better soon!

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