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How to scientifically and effectively feed milk powder, can the baby grow up healthily? Ma Ma must see

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2018/08/30 00:01
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 Baby is the hope of mom and dad,

  It is also the pride of the future of the parents.

  0_3 year old baby is smart and healthy,

  Can not be separated from the first amount of food.

  Milk powder feeding is very important for your baby's growth.

  Baby is the hope of mom and dad,

  It is also the pride of the future of the parents.

  0_3 year old baby is smart and healthy,

  Can not be separated from the first amount of food.

  Milk powder feeding is very important for your baby's growth.


  How to properly feed the infant milk powder in order to allow the baby to grow safely?


  Feeding posture

  The current milk powder ingredients are very close to breast milk, and the nutrition is very comprehensive. Mom and Dad don't have to worry. Because the baby is affected by long-term breastfeeding, the mother should also pay attention to the psychological impact on the baby when breastfeeding with milk powder. Normally, Ma Ma takes the same posture as breastfeeding to make the baby more comfortable and comfortable.


  Bottle angle should be reasonable

  When feeding the powder, the back of the bottle should be higher than the front, tilt your bottle, fill the nipple with milk, and send it to your baby's mouth. If the milk is always filled with pacifiers, it is not easy for the baby to inhale the air when it is breast-feeding. This also prevents spitting milk and flatulence. In addition, if the nipple is down, you can take it out and feed it, or turn the bottle in your baby's mouth to let the air enter the bottle.


  The temperature of the milk must be scientific

  The milk temperature is very important for the dissolution of milk powder. Different brands of milk powder have different requirements for water temperature adjustment. Generally speaking, 40_60 degrees water is better. At this temperature, it is ensured that the nutrients in the milk powder are not destroyed.


  It is the key to let your baby snore after breastfeeding

  Since the baby's stomach and throat are not yet fully developed, the baby will suck in a lot of air while drinking milk powder, so it is easy to spit milk.


  Therefore, the baby must let the baby snoring after breastfeeding.

  The baby’s snoring practice is:

  Lift the baby, let the baby's chest stick on the mother's shoulder, pat the baby's back and help the baby to fight. The baby fell asleep while drinking milk, and should hold it for a while, wait until the baby snored and then lay it flat on the bed.


  The time and amount of breastfeeding should be appropriate

  The time to breastfeed with milk powder varies with your baby's developmental state and appetite. In general, the baby will give it to the baby when he wants to drink. Newborns born within 1 month of birth need about 100 ml of milk powder per kilogram of body weight. 3 months before 3 months, breastfeeding once every 3 to 4 hours, 7 to 8 times a day, as well as in the evening. After 3 months of age, you can gradually reduce the number of breastfeeding at night.


  Newborn feeding powder taboo

  1. Milk powder should not be excessive


  Milk powder must be adjusted according to different brand requirements, not too thick. The milk powder is too thick, not only the baby is not easy to absorb, but also increases the burden on the stomach, causing diarrhea and bloating.


  2. Change milk too often

  The baby is in the developmental stage, and the functions of the body are not perfect. If the milk is changed too frequently, the baby will have to adapt again, which will cause the baby's stomach burden and affect the baby's growth.


  3. Milk powder should be brewed now

  The baby's milk powder should pay special attention to the holding time. Usually, if the milk powder is not eaten, it should not be stored for more than 2 hours at room temperature; if it is placed in the refrigerator, it should not exceed 24 hours. If it is left milk, it can only be discarded.


  The newborn is very delicate and the body is not fully developed. Therefore, ramie must learn some of the above feeding knowledge when feeding newborns, so that the baby can drink milk safely and grow up healthily.


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