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Baby flatulence how to do?

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2018/12/27 00:01
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 Many Bao Dabao mothers always worry about the uneven dissolution of milk powder when they are rushing into infant formula, so that there is a little bit of sediment in the milk, and often shake the bottle vigorously during the brewing, and shake it up and down! Shake left and right! After three shakes, half a bottle of milk became a whole bottle, and half of the bottle was foam. The baby eats the milk with foam, it is easy to have flatulence!

  Many Bao Dabao mothers always worry about the uneven dissolution of milk powder when they are rushing into infant formula, so that there is a little bit of sediment in the milk, and often shake the bottle vigorously during the brewing, and shake it up and down! Shake left and right! After three shakes, half a bottle of milk became a whole bottle, and half of the bottle was foam. The baby eats the milk with foam, it is easy to have flatulence!


  Therefore, when preparing the milk powder, be careful not to shake the bottle back and forth. The correct way is to shake the top of the bottle in one direction and shake the bottle in a direction (the best in the form of a spiral) until the milk powder dissolves. The solubility of organic milk powder and pure goat milk powder is generally poor. When the shaking is uneven, the disinfected chopsticks, spoon or special stirring rod can be used to accelerate the dissolution.


  In addition to the above mentioned, what other conditions will also cause the baby to flatter?


  1. crying for too long

  When the baby is crying, open his mouth and cry for too long. When the baby exhales, he will use more force, and the stomach will inhale a lot of air. Especially in the winter, inhaling too much cold air will irritate the baby's stomach and affect the digestive function and cause flatulence. This is the reason why the baby is easy to spit milk within 3 months.


  2. To tease your baby for a long time

  In the mother's heart, the baby's laughter is the most beautiful melody. When playing with the baby, the mothers like to use a variety of methods to tease the baby to laugh. This is also a "way" for the baby to inhale too much air. It is not impossible to make a baby laugh, but to master, don't take too long.


  3. Being hungry for too long, eating too fast

  After 3 months, the baby can basically establish regular eating habits. It is reasonable to eat milk once in 3_4 hours. When the feeding time interval is too long, the baby will suck up the milk because of hunger, and if the milk is too rushed, it will easily inhale too much air and induce the baby to have flatulence.


  4. The milk is not filled with nipples

  Artificially fed babies must ensure that the milk is filled with pacifiers when they are breastfeeding, so that the baby can suck a full mouthful of milk instead of a breath of air. When the baby can drink milk from her own bottle, the baby can control the speed of drinking milk or choose a bottle with a straw.


  Method for preventing baby's stomach from flatulence

  First, try to avoid eating food that is prone to flatulence.


  When a breast-fed baby is flatulent, if the mother cannot relieve the flatulence by changing the diet, it means that breast milk is not the cause of the baby's flatulence. If your baby's flatulence is reduced, then your mother should stay away from those that are prone to flatulence.


  Second, the baby is artificially fed with formula milk powder.

  Pay special attention to the nutritional formula of milk powder when choosing milk powder, try to choose the soy milk-free, low-sensitizing, well-absorbed formula goat milk powder. For example, Annus high-end infant formula goat milk powder with 100% pure goat whey protein. Generally, after the replacement of the milk powder for about 1 2 weeks, the baby adapts to the new milk powder, and the phenomenon of flatulence will also improve.


  3. Don't wait until the baby is hungry and crying very hard. If the baby is crying very hard, parents should first calm the baby's emotions, and then feed the baby after the emotions are stable.


  4. Don't let your baby lie down immediately after feeding. You should first hold the baby upright, let his head rest on the shoulders of the adults, then gently pat the back with his hand, and let him lie down after snoring.


  5. Regularly give your baby an abdominal massage. The massage is centered on the baby's navel, and a clockwise massage with the palm of the hand around the navel helps the baby's gastrointestinal motility and gas discharge, improving digestion and absorption. Pay attention to keep your baby's navel warm during massage. Probiotics can also be supplemented to adjust the function of the baby's intestines. However, if your baby's abdominal distension is severe, seek medical attention as soon as possible to rule out abdominal distension caused by other diseases.


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