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Baby drinking within 1 year old

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2017/11/13 00:01
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The neonatal stomach capacity is very small, 30_35ml infant milk powder at the time of birth, about 100ml in 3 months, 200ml in 6 months, suitable for eating less meals.

  The neonatal stomach capacity is very small, 30_35ml infant milk powder at the time of birth, about 100ml in 3 months, 200ml in 6 months, suitable for eating less meals. In feeding, how much is the amount of artificially fed baby milk? How much does each baby feed? How to feed?


  The newborn baby's stomach capacity is very small (the initial stomach capacity is 30~35ml, 3 months is about 100ml, 6 months is 200ml, 1 year is 300~500ml), and the secretion of gastric juice is small. The emptying time of the stomach varies with the type and nature of the food. Breastfeeding, the emptying time of the stomach is 2 to 3 hours, the feeding of milk is 3 to 4 hours, and the water is 1 to 2 hours.


  A few days before the baby is born, the amount of milk can be calculated according to the weight per kilogram of baby, 100~200 ml per day, 30_60 ml each time, 6_8 times a day. As the number of days increases, each time increases to 90_120 ml, the number of feeding decreases. .


  1_2 months: The amount of milk is gradually increased according to the body weight. It is fed 6~7 times a day, 3.5_4 hours at a time. Each meal is 120~150 ml, and the maximum is 150 ml.


  3_6 months: 5 times a day, every 4 hours, each feeding amount: 150~200 ml for 3_5 months, 200~250 ml for 5-6 months, should master the total amount of milk, not every day More than 1000 ml, the amount of milk per serving does not exceed 250 ml. Four months began to feed supplementary food before feeding.


  6_9 months: Feed the milk every 4 hours, eat 200~250 ml each time, change from 4 tons of milk to 3 tons of milk every day, and gradually add auxiliary food from the replacement of half a meal to replace one milk.


  9_12 months: from eating three meals of milk to eating two bottles of milk, 250 ml each time, still mastering it every 4 hours, and eating all the complementary foods. Feed water every two milk.


  The above is just a reference. If the child is going to eat in the middle of every two meals, he still needs to feed him in moderation and let him eat. Also feed the water, feed the water between the two milks, not too much, do not affect the child's milk intake.


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