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There are 4 factors to consider when choosing milk powder.

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2017/12/06 00:01
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 Although most parents know that mother's milk is the best, but because of various factors, people who can smoothly feed their mother's milk for six months, in fact, not so much, at this time choose what formula infant milk powder, parents It should be a headache. The Guardian Decree prohibits advertisements for milk powder under one year old, so there is probably nothing on the Internet. The only message may be the experience of other parents on the Internet or the recommendation of the pharmacy pharmacist. 

  Although most parents know that mother's milk is the best, but because of various factors, people who can smoothly feed their mother's milk for six months, in fact, not so much, at this time choose what formula infant milk powder, parents It should be a headache. The Guardian Decree prohibits advertisements for milk powder under one year old, so there is probably nothing on the Internet. The only message may be the experience of other parents on the Internet or the recommendation of the pharmacy pharmacist. Ask a doctor? Usually doctors rarely recommend brands, so how to choose formula?


  There are four considerations for choosing a formula: function, brand, price and convenience.


  In terms of function, although the formula mainly provides nutrients, he also has some auxiliary functions. For example, there are allergies in the mom and dad family. According to the current recommendation: feeding mother milk or hydrolyzed protein milk powder for more than six months, Reduce the chance of your baby growing up allergies, so when my mother can't feed her breast milk, I would recommend the formula of hydrolyzed protein milk powder to connect.


  If the baby is suspected of lactose intolerance by the doctor, then the formula of lactose-free milk powder will be chosen, or the baby will have constipation. There are several milk powders that will make the baby's bowel movements smoother. If there is no problem above, choose general. The formula is just right, parents just need to consider the brand and the price.


  In terms of brands, most doctors should tell you that big brands can do it. Parents secretly ask me privately. What is a big brand? For me, if it is produced by European and American manufacturers, it is sold in all countries in the world, and the market share is also good. It is called a big brand. Because this formula is listed in countries all over the world, it must be tested by many countries. There will be no problem, there will be a lot of babies to drink, so if something goes wrong, it will be discovered soon. Relatively speaking, safety is relatively innocent.


  As for some advertisements, the brands that are familiar to you are only listed in a few countries or in a single country, and the market share is not high. I will not recommend such brands.


  After choosing the brand and functionality, the rest is to consider the price, which is determined according to the parents' own purse. The convenience is easy to obtain. If the brand is very bad for you, then don’t be too Perseverance, otherwise you can't find milk powder to buy temporarily, your baby is hungry and can be troublesome.


  If you have special needs, choose a special formula, if not, it is a general formula; what about the brand? Choosing the international big label, the quality is not to worry, the convenience of the purse is also very important, but although you carefully select, the baby is willing to drink, is the most important.


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