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National Quality Month|Anutric adheres to the initial award

2019/10/08 11:34
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Dairy quality is a prerequisite for dairy companies to be based on society and development. Providing high quality and safe formula milk powder is the top priority for milk powder enterprises. In Sep

  Dairy quality is a prerequisite for dairy companies to be based on society and development. Providing high quality and safe formula milk powder is the top priority for milk powder enterprises. In September this year, the annual national “Quality Month” event was launched enthusiastically. The event was based on the theme of “Insist on quality first, improve quality, build quality, build quality and strengthen the country”, and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the country and the national dairy industry revitalization node. It has a key guiding significance for the development of China's dairy industry.


  Over the years, Anutric has responded positively to the national policy of building a quality country, and has always adhered to the concept of quality and integrity, and has won industry recognition and won the trust of customers. Anutric specializes in infant formula, selects global milk source, builds independent formula, grafts cutting-edge technology, adheres to product quality, and brings safe, nutritious and high-quality milk powder to Chinese baby. A few days ago, Anutric won the "National Quality Integrity Benchmarking Enterprise" and "National Dairy Industry Quality Leading Brand" in the national "Quality Month" event in 2019.

  On the road of development, Anutric adheres to the business philosophy of “winning by quality and keeping improving” and insists on providing products and services that meet the needs of the high-end milk powder market, and has won one honor after another. Anutric has been awarded the title of “International Brand Promotion Pioneer” by the industry authorities. In 2017, it was selected as the “Quality” column of CCTV Discovery Travel Channel and won the “Made in China 2025” top 100 brand. In 2018, Anutric Wing was enrolled in CCTV's "The Founding of National Brands to Inherit the Spirit of Craftsmanship" and became the designated product of CCTV Children's Channel "Little Wisdom Tree". In 2019, it won the most authoritative and influential national word media in the food industry. The "Excellent Enterprise Award" awarded by the newspaper. After the introduction of the national formula registration standard, Anutric was first approved and became the benchmark brand in the goat milk industry.


  For a long time, Anutric has played a role as a model leader in quality and integrity benchmarking in every aspect of milk source selection, formulation research and development, production management, and promoted the healthy and sustainable development of the industry and accompanied the healthy growth of Chinese babies.


  Global selection quality formula

  With the improvement of people's income level and the upgrading of the consumer market, high-quality milk powder is entering the ordinary family. Since its inception, Anutric has set high standards to combine high-quality milk sources with baby nutritional needs research to create a series of high-quality milk powder to help healthy growth of infants and young children. Anutric selected the world's gold milk source with imported milk source, in which the milk powder uses pure New Zealand origin milk source, the goat milk powder selects NL45° European imported goat milk source, Anutric pure, safe and pollution-free gold milk source Imported milk sources are the basis for quality assurance.


  With the advancement of the most stringent milk powder policy,Anutric has also continuously upgraded its R&D formula. The current suppliers have spread throughout Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, etc., ensuring that the best products come from the best places of origin, accepting worldwide standards and testing. Screening. Anutric Innovatively adds the “fruit extract” imported from Switzerland NATUREX company. NATUREX is a professional supplier of plant extracts recognized and selected by many famous brands around the world, which fully guarantees product safety. These stringent standards have also become a strong quality support behind the Anutric formula.


  Lean production

  From formula procurement to internal safety management, Anutric adheres to quality and does not relax. At present, Anutric has completely completed the upgrading of workshop equipment, and has integrated the cutting-edge innovations. The new process technology has been applied to the production line, and the production efficiency and product quality have reached a new level. In order to fully implement the safety production management work, Anutric built a drug management model, introduced HPLC-MS inspection technology, and adopted the ERP traceability system. The products produced can be traced one by one, and can be traced back to any enterprise, government department or consumer. From the milk source to the detailed information of the key parts of the finished product, 31 links and more than 300 tests, the product quality is truly visible.


  Stick to the standard industry benchmark

  At present, Anutric' product line has been gradually improved, covering maternal and all ages of infants and children, becoming a strong companion on the baby's growth path. In order to be a good character, Annus made a few insistences.


  The first is to insist on quality. The Anutric Pure Goat Milk Series uses 100% pure sheep formula and never adds milk, which is different from the “mixed cow” brand. Compared with milk, goat milk is closer to breast milk. For example, the fat structure of milk is much different from that of breast milk, and the fat molecules of goat milk are smaller and more easily absorbed. The main advantage of pure goat milk formula is the high content of goat milk protein, which is more conducive to the healthy growth of the baby.


  The second is to persist in innovation. In 2007, Anutric developed a patent for high-covering spoons, which solved the problem that spoons easily contaminated milk powder, pioneered the milk powder industry, and also led the industry to follow suit. Among the products, the innovative “fruit extract” has targeted help for Chinese babies. Its rich dietary fiber provides support for intestinal digestion and bacterial stability, and helps the baby to adapt to the taste of fruits and vegetables and easily pass the weaning period.


  The third is to insist on high-end. In the dairy industry, the introduction of international resource technology to fill shortcomings, and the promotion of local advantages and refined upgrades have become an industry trend. Since the beginning of its establishment, Anutric has locked in the market trend and is moving towards a high-end direction. Development, technology update, formula building has completed its own strength accumulation, and is moving towards a broader market.


  The nationwide “Quality Month” campaign has brought new vitality to the milk powder industry. We believe that the Chinese dairy industry will open a new chapter. Anutric will also actively engage in international high-end research results, explore advanced production processes, adhere to high standards of quality assurance, create a high-quality development engine, and make product quality a new driving force for brand development. In the future, Annus will always adhere to the brand idea of ​​“doing the best food for Chinese baby” and create a good milk powder for Chinese baby to accompany the baby to grow up healthily.

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