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Global screening supplier, Anutric "goat milk powder" positioning high-end consumer groups

2018/08/07 17:00
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From July 25th to 27th, 2018, the three-day 18th CBME China Pregnancy and Child Show and Licensing Exhibition was successfully concluded at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), and the entire pregnant and baby industry was jointly established to jointly build a healthy and healthy industry.

  From July 25th to 27th, 2018, the three-day 18th CBME China Pregnancy and Child Show and Licensing Exhibition was successfully concluded at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), and the entire pregnant and baby industry was jointly established to jointly build a healthy and healthy industry. The atmosphere is the purpose of the exhibition. It has gathered a large number of well-known companies from home and abroad, including many excellent companies like Anutric (China) Co., Ltd. who take the high-end route. During the exhibition, in the face of reporters' questions, Mr. Fang Ce, the president of the group, explained to the media some of his unique views on the pregnant and child industry.


  I.Great environmental manufacturing opportunities, good quality for the future

  At the moment when the country fully opens its second-child policy, Fang Fang analyzed the impact of this policy on the industry. In the current implementation of the second child policy, as a practitioner of pregnant children, the growth of children is a step by step, and we hope to lead the industry better after the 'second child' policy. With a large capacity, there are more opportunities for development in our industry, but Anutric does not take this policy environment as the main growth point, but starts with the quality and value of the products and captures more market share.” The market environment under the current national policy is evaluated in a fair manner.


  Second, the eye is not low, "Anutric" brand from the beginning to locate high-end areas

  At this stage, the total investment in children in the overall household consumption continues to increase, and the upgrading of the consumption structure promotes the sustainable development of the pregnant and child industry, requiring enterprises to take action. Mr. Fang is confident in the level of consumption upgrade. As he said, Anutric is taking the lead in upgrading and is committed to making high-end infant formula. The brand "Anutric" was initially positioned in the high-end field, so it must be suitable for the next stage of consumption upgrade. I hope consumers will have more knowledge of Anutric. Mr. Fang also mentioned the "Anutric infant formula goat milk powder" product, because it is pure goat milk powder, using pure goat whey protein, completely free of milk, so the cost is high, the price is also high, but The product formula is the latest formula, with higher nutritional value and easier absorption, especially suitable for high-end consumption after consumption upgrade.


  Third, narrow the gap between imported and imported brands, domestically can have more expectations

  The milk powder industry has developed to the present, internationally famous brands are relatively more, and national brands are relatively weak. This phenomenon does not deny the status quo in the view of Fang Zong, but has confidence in domestic milk powder. The future trend is that domestic brands and imported brands will be on the same stage. The competition will gradually gain an increasing share, and this trend is irreversible. "When the domestic and imported competitions on the same stage can be presented, we must be full of confidence and should be in the near future."


  Fourth, when the simple price/performance ratio has become a thing of the past, consumers are becoming more and more rational.

  At present, the main consumers are the post-90s and post-85 parents. Their parenting philosophy and consumer behavior are very different from those of the previous generation. The simple price/performance ratio is no longer the main demand for their purchase. And personalized needs have gradually become the mainstream of the new generation of parents. Fang always made it clear that he did not agree with the pure price/performance ratio. "We must also consider the product service and the endorsement of the brand and other aspects. Just look at the price/performance ratio and only care about the price of the retail product. This is a relatively simple statement. I hope that consumers will gradually move from sensibility to true rational consumption. Mr. Fang believes that the development of the infant milk powder market has gone through three stages: the first stage, the simple price competition stage, the second stage, the price-performance competition stage, and now, it has developed to the third stage – the purchase rate competition stage. The quality and value of the products and the comprehensive strength of the overall brand and service are the key to future success.


  V. Make innovation a winning weapon for companies

  It is said that there are many brands in the milk powder industry, the types are complicated, the quality is uneven, and what are the core competitiveness of Anutric? Fang always talked about "innovation." That is to say, innovation is the most proud force that Anutric has since entered the market. The country respects the "artisan spirit" and promotes quality first. Anutric is the first to respond and has made the greatest investment in innovation. The company has already possessed dozens of patents. The one-piece high-covering spoon utility model patent is the earliest high-cap packaging patent in the world of infant milk powder.


  Sixth, the selection of quality suppliers worldwide, to ensure the quality of milk powder from the source.

  Food safety has always been a concern, and milk powder as a food is aimed at infants and young children. Its health and safety is particularly important. The quality of control products from the source is also the result of Anjou. "At present, we are screening quality suppliers from all over the world. The standard is to select the best quality products and raw materials. Anutric's products are selected from many countries around the world, because we believe that only This will ensure the quality of the product."


  In the new stage of the development of the maternal and child industry, Anutric's outstanding performance in the exhibition with high-end products is obvious to all. While gaining more customers and consumers' trust, consulting and negotiation cooperation are carried out in an orderly manner. I hope that more partners will join the big stage of the pregnancy and baby industry in the future to build a win-win situation.


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