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Anutric was awarded the "Excellent Enterprise" Award by China Food Daily, the authoritative industry media in China, as a gift for the reform and development of food industry in the past 40 years

2019/01/08 16:38
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On January 5, 2019, China Food Newspaper hosted the "Witness - China Food Industry Development Fortieth Anniversary Summit Forum and China Food Newspaper's 35th Anniversary Grand Meeting" in Beijing Huxing Convention Center, and Annushi was also invited to attend the event. The conference was presided over by Renjie, renowned host of the Central Radio Station and Lin Tong, China Food Newspaper. 

  On January 5, 2019, China Food Newspaper hosted the "Witness - China Food Industry Development Fortieth Anniversary Summit Forum and China Food Newspaper's 35th Anniversary Grand Meeting" in Beijing Huxing Convention Center, and Anutric was also invited to attend the event. The conference was presided over by Renjie, renowned host of the Central Radio Station and Lin Tong, China Food Newspaper. Top experts in the Chinese food industry and relevant leaders such as the National Political Consultative Conference, the China Light Industry Federation, the State Administration of Market Supervision, the Chinese Food Science and Technology Association, the Consumer Goods Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, and the China Dairy Industry Association, etc. Attended the meeting. Major national media including Sina. com, Sohu. com, Xinhua. com, Guangming. com, Tencent. com, IQIYI. com, live broadcasting, Beijing Time, China Food Daily Platform and website and other news media and portals carried out live broadcasting and coverage of the conference. By taking advantage of the pre-conference interval, leaders of famous enterprises such as Anutric (China) Co., Ltd. and Maotai Group have sent their best wishes to the conference.








  A grand occasion at the conference


  The grand meeting opened in the speech of Ms. Zhang Meiying, Vice Chairperson of the CPPCC National Committee, and so on. Since the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up, China's food industry has developed rapidly. Guided by the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics put forward by President Xi Jinping, China's food industry has entered a new era of high-quality development from full to well-fed. Party and government departments have experienced Chinese food industry strategy, industrial planning and policy formulation for 40 years: Du Tonghe, Vice President and Secretary-General of China Light Industry Federation, Gao Yanmin, Director of Consumer Goods Department of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ma Chunliang, Director of Food Production Supervision Department of State Administration of Market Supervision, and Chinese Food Science and Technology and Technology Chairman Meng Suhe and other leaders, experts, food industry elders and entrepreneurs attended the meeting to review, explore and study the past, past and future of the food industry. All said that quality and safety are the unshakable cornerstone of food development and progress. In recent years, more than 5,000 food laws and regulations have been perfected and more than 1,200 national food standards have been issued. In 2018, the qualified rate of dairy products sampled by the state was 99.2%, and the qualified rate of infant milk powder reached more than 99.5%.


  Anutric was awarded the honor of Excellent Enterprise


   In the meeting, we took stock of the major events of food industry in the past 40 years of reform and opening up, and promoted the "era pride" brand and enterprise of food industry in the past 40 years of reform and opening up. Anutric stood out from the rest of the world and won the honor of "excellent enterprise". This honor is not only the most authoritative food industry media of the country affirmed Anutric, but also a healthy flower for the motherland. Kang Chang offers hope for safe and nutritious food. Mr. Fang Ce, President of Anutric (China) Co., Ltd. in China, attended the meeting and had a cordial exchange with Chairman Wu Qiulin of China Dairy Industry Association and President Huang Guosheng of China Food Newspaper.


  Mr. Fang Ce, President of Anutric (China) Co., Ltd. in China and Chairman Wu Qiulin of China Dairy Industry Association


Mr. Fang Ce, President of Anutric (China) Co., Ltd. in China and President of Huang Guosheng, China Food Newspaper  


   Since its inception, Anutric has always adhered to the concept of "building core technology, creating excellent quality", adhered to scientific and technological innovation, adhered to serve infant nutrition and health wholeheartedly, paid attention to every detail from raw materials to formula, production and packaging, and constantly accelerated innovation to improve product quality.
   First, in terms of raw materials, the implementation of global selection and procurement, selection of milk sources in Europe, Australia and other places does not contain antibiotics and agricultural residues, from raw materials to ensure quality and food safety.
   Two. In scientific research, according to the physical and nutritional needs of infants and young children in China, the first infant formula sheep milk powder added to the fruit extract (fruit extract) was first developed in China, which was successfully registered through the national formula of infant formula milk powder with excellent quality, scientific content and precise nutritional proportion. The only child formula sheep milk powder that contains "fruit extract" is registered in the country before. In addition, in order to ensure that milk powder is not contaminated by human factors, the first high-cover spoon-inlaid packaging of infant milk powder was developed and patented by the state. It has been highly appraised and welcomed by domestic and foreign industries and consumers, and has been continuously improved. At present, the invention has entered the third generation of milk powder packaging more convenient, more sanitary, more humane, more beautiful.
   Third, in terms of production base, Anutric production base was founded in 1952, located in Anda City, Heilongjiang Province. Because of the adoption of GMP standard of pharmaceutical enterprises to produce dairy products, there were no quality and safety accidents in 66 years, which witnessed the strength of enterprises. At present, the company is debugging and importing advanced production equipment, and the new production line will be put into operation to meet the market demand.
   Fourthly, in terms of services, Anutric provides all-round services to consumers, insists on systematic nutrition and health science popularization services from the beginning of pregnancy, and establishes a popular science website to publish popular science knowledge and exchange activities, which is welcomed by consumers.
   Fifth, in terms of social responsibility, Anutric devotes herself to business and charity with love. She always pays attention to the needs of pregnant and infant children in China and cares for children in need. Every year, Anutric insists on doing a lot of public welfare activities, devoting her love to society and assuming the social responsibility of enterprises. It is precisely because of this pursuit of "high quality" concept, years of high quality performance in the market and sense of responsibility to society, can we win the "Excellent Enterprises" Award - to promote the reform and opening up of the food industry for 40 years.


  In the future, Anutric will continue to uphold the management concept of "pursuing quality and excellence", provide high-quality products for the healthy growth of Chinese babies with professionalism, dedication and love, and strive to contribute to the "high-quality" image of "Chinese food".


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