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Empowerment terminal: Anuxi teamed up with dealers to deepen the layout and seize the market

2019/07/25 00:01
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The channel sinks and quality is the foundation. Over the years, Annus has built a complete product system, from product design, raw material selection to production management, processing technology and product sales, to improve the first ration of Chinese baby. On the brand side, Annuci became the designated product of the CCTV Children's Channel "Little Wisdom Tree" column, which was promoted through various industry journals, portals, online media and other channels to create a brand output combination punch and deepen consumer life.

The channel sinks and quality is the foundation. Over the years, Anutric has built a complete product system, from product design, raw material selection to production management, processing technology and product sales, to improve the first ration of Chinese baby. On the brand side, Annuci became the designated product of the CCTV Children's Channel "Little Wisdom Tree" column, which was promoted through various industry journals, portals, online media and other channels to create a brand output combination punch and deepen consumer life.


In addition to solid brand accumulation and product accumulation, the sinking market is inseparable from partners active in channels and terminals. In order to speed up the construction of the layout, in 2019, Anutric concentrated on empowering terminals, and the joint distributors held various forms of offline activities throughout the country to build platforms and opportunities for dealers, stores and consumers to dialogue, accelerate transformation and enhance sales competition. Force, hand in hand to bring good milk powder into thousands of households.


Support offline activities to increase the impact of the terminal

Focusing on large-scale activities is an effective means to continuously improve consumer acceptance of brands. Annuci has carried out joint trade fairs, trade fairs and other industry activities throughout the country, and fully supports dealers to carry out large-scale offline activities for consumers. In May of this year, the dealers in Anhui jointly held the first carnival of Annuxi Baozhi Blue Baby, which successfully attracted nearly 10,000 people to participate in the event. The event set up cultural performances, live sweepstakes and other links, which are very popular among consumers. Annuxi products are concentrated in the activities, the brand has a large volume, the image continues to be exposed, and the series of milk powders are highly sought after. The children are taking photos with the parents in front of the booth. The activity broadens the brand's awareness in the market and creates opportunities for regional operations.



(May Anhui Carnival Events)

Strengthen consumer interaction and improve terminal service

In order to deepen the consumer's impression of the brand, strengthen the user's stickiness, and help the store to increase sales, Anutric United stores to carry out birthday parties and other activities, so that parents can take the baby to participate in the brand activities to help quickly open the word of mouth.


In Zhejiang, Anutric and the store jointly held a birthday party for the baby. Parents took the birthday baby to participate, prepared a birthday cake and birthday gift on the spot, lit the birthday candle, organized the staff to lead everyone to sing a birthday song, let the babies spend An unforgettable birthday. In Jiangxi, the “I am the most robust” baby contest was held in the joint store of Anutric. The store invited customers to take the children to the event. At the scene, the mother took the baby to play puzzles, climb contests, loops and other games, and the winning family won the prizes sent by Anutric. The small activity represents Anghi's 100% concern for the baby, and also increases the consumer's feelings about the brand to the store. The on-site staff carefully explained the parenting knowledge and invisibly promoted the transformation.




(May Jiangxi store "My strongest baby contest"




(May Zhejiang store birthday party)


Service channel team, strong terminal cohesion

Choosing a partner is an important part of channel sinking. Anutric always attaches importance to the development of terminal dealers, constantly condenses wisdom and strategy, integrates the advantages of all parties, and quickly and stably layouts. Not long ago, in Foshan, Guangdong, the owner and staff of the core store of Anutric participated in the deep exchange tour of Qingyuan Annuxi. During the two-day, one-night trip, the teammates experienced the most exciting outdoor projects in China, such as the largest rooftop Ferris wheel, the European style street, and the Huangtengxia Warrior Drifting. The rich activities enabled the small partners to deepen their interaction and build understanding. During the itinerary, Anutric held a fraternity, and the teammates gathered together to enter Anutric during the study, gain a deep understanding of brand knowledge, and recognize the brand strength. Everyone spoke, shared experiences, guided learning, and solved the problem from terminal sales. The problem of the link. The Foshan team's activities are efficient and enjoyable, increasing team cohesion and brand centripetal force. It is a wonderful testimony to the sinking service terminal of the Anutric channel, supporting the regional team, deepening the local market, step by step, and facing the Anhesi in a wider area. Growth has laid the foundation.




(June Foshan Team Anutric Deep Exchange Tour)


Facing the national market, Anutric constantly explores the terminal empowerment ideas and gives support to partners. Each year, it assists stores and dealers in organizing more than a thousand events, providing systematic promotion materials and spending special activities. The courses of "Anutric Parenting Lecture Hall", "Shopping Guide Training Class" and "Mom Class" cover the online and offline courses have also become legendary, and become the link between the terminal partners and consumers to cultivate their feelings.


In the future, Anutric will build a 360 ° one-stop channel service system, continue to strengthen the guidance of dealers, unite the terminal strength, accelerate the empowerment, and achieve a win-win situation.

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