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Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Motherland, Anutric walks with you

2019/09/29 11:42
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In October of the Golden Autumn, we ushered in the National Day holiday. In the 70 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China, the modern dairy industry has experienced a long journey

  In October of the Golden Autumn, we ushered in the National Day holiday. In the 70 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China, the modern dairy industry has experienced a long journey under the guidance of the state and created a new situation of high-end development today. Over the years, Anutric ch has kept up with the policy standards, constantly breaking through innovation, and becoming a popular international infant formula brand with the image of “safe, secure, quality” quality products. In the just-concluded national “Quality Month” event, Anutric won the honors of “National Quality Integrity Benchmarking Enterprise” and “National Dairy Industry Quality Leading Brand”, highlighting the quality with outstanding achievements and offering gifts to the 70th anniversary.

  Adhering to the advantages of high-end, conforming to the trend of internationalization

  Anutric (China) Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of infant food and health food. Its two categories of milk and goat milk, with its scientific and rigorous formula, quality of excellence, and rising brands Influence plays an important role in the market for infant formula.


  In order to meet the needs of development, domestic high-end dairy brands are gradually moving towards international development. In terms of milk source development, technology level, management experience and quality improvement, we have completed quality upgrades in a broader market by comparing with international advanced standards. Approved. This trend also coincides with Anutric' strategic plan. Anutric is committed to creating safe, nutritious and high-quality formula milk powder. At the beginning of its establishment, it has targeted the world's high-quality resources, and its milk powder is pure. New Zealand's original milk source, goat milk powder is selected NL45 ° European imported goat milk source, pure, safe, pollution-free gold milk source with imported milk source has become the basis of Anutric quality assurance.


  Another big advantage of Annus is the formula. After the implementation of the formula registration management method, the domestic goat milk powder has fewer formula brands, only 36 in the country. Although they are pure sheep formula brands, there are actually many between the families. difference. The formula of Anutric Goat Milk Powder is based on demineralized goat milk powder and whole fat goat milk powder. It is ranked in the top two in the ingredient list. The milk whey protein is rich in nutrients and active substances. To improve the baby's immunity, and it is easy to be digested and absorbed by the baby's high-quality protein. Anutric spares the cost and puts the best and most expensive desalted goat milk powder in the first place. In the second place, it is to provide Chinese baby with high-quality pure goat milk powder that is well-nourished and easy to absorb.


  100% maternal love, make your baby stronger

  After years of exploration and development, Anutric products cover infant formula milk powder, maternal milk powder, children's milk powder, mainly milk powder and goat milk powder, and upgrade to the research and development goal of mother emulsification. The proportion of whey protein in Anutric formula milk powder is about 65%, which is basically the same as the breast milk content in the mature milk stage.


  In actual research and development, breast milk is the gold standard for formula design of infant formula. In order to make the baby get closer to the nutrition of breast milk, Anutric formula milk powder is added with OPO structural fat which is consistent with the structure of breast milk fat globule to help the baby improve. Absorption of minerals such as fat and calcium to promote baby's bone development.


  The baby's growth needs come from all aspects. In addition to OPO structural fat, DHA and ARA are added to Anutric milk powder, which can help the brain to establish a perfect neural network, let the nerve signal transmit quickly, and let the baby catch the 0-3 year old "gold." Growth period." In the production, the two nutrients are treated by microencapsulation technology, which removes the astringency of the goat milk itself, and also plays an antioxidant role to better maintain the freshness of the nutrients.


  Anutric also added the “fruit extract” imported from Switzerland to the formula of milk powder, which is rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, which strengthens the baby's nutrient intake and also provides food digestion and intestinal stability. power. Anutric milk powder with the addition of “fruit extract” helps the baby to form a preliminary taste system and strengthens the adaptability of vegetables and fruits in the complementary food.


  Perfect technology upgrade, sound quality and sound

  The upgrading of manufacturing industry has blossomed in many aspects in China, and the introduction of technologies such as Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things has also given the manufacturing industry more room for development. In the milk powder industry, the production, processing and production process is the back guarantee of the quality and quality of infant milk powder. The Anutric production line has been fully updated with the upgrade tide, and has made leading progress in production efficiency and processing technology. In the production work, Anutric adopts the drug management mode, introduces the HPLC-MS inspection technology, and adopts the ERP traceability system. The products produced can be one can and one yard. Any enterprise, government department or consumer can trace back from the milk source. To the detailed information of the key links of the finished products, 31 links and more than 300 tests are strictly controlled in accordance with relevant national standards to ensure product quality.


  The current baby milk powder market has broad prospects. Over the years, the policy leadership and the company's exploration effect have emerged. The dairy brand has achieved tremendous growth. The opening and consumption upgrade of the “two-child policy” has opened up the high-end market. At the juncture of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, New opportunities and new requirements ignite the confidence and passion of the dairy industry. Anutric also keeps up with the pace and insists on bringing safe and high-quality formula milk powder to consumers. In the future, Anutric will stick to its original heart, do a large-scale, and strengthen its strength. Under the strategic plan of global development, it will graft more international resources to meet the needs of more consumers.

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