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Make safe rations for Chinese babies, and upgrade the quality of Anutric

2019/07/09 00:01
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Recently, the 7 ministries and commissions including the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued a notice on the issuance of the "Initiative Scheme for the Promotion of Domestic Infant Formula Milk Powder" (hereinafter referred to as the "Program"), and proposed to vigorously implement the "quality improvement, industrial upgrading, brand cultivation of domestic infant formula milk powder". "The action plan is to strive for the goal of stabilizing the self-sufficiency level of infant formula milk powder by more than 60%.
Recently, the 7 ministries and commissions including the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued a notice on the issuance of the "Initiative Scheme for the Promotion of Domestic Infant Formula Milk Powder" (hereinafter referred to as the "Program"), and proposed to vigorously implement the "quality improvement, industrial upgrading, brand cultivation of domestic infant formula milk powder". "The action plan is to strive for the goal of stabilizing the self-sufficiency level of infant formula milk powder by more than 60%.
Some insiders analyzed that the implementation of the program will win more consumers for domestic milk powder and create favorable conditions for enhancing brand image. With the awakening of Chinese goods, in the field of milk powder, more and more treasure mothers are willing to buy domestic brands, and under the strict supervision of the dairy industry and relevant state departments, dairy companies continue to improve the quality of technology and milk powder. Enhancing the brand competitiveness of domestic milk powder has laid a solid foundation for the comprehensive outbreak of the domestic dairy industry.
In the heart of Bao Da and Bao Ma, infant formula is more suitable for Chinese baby's physique, and has a balanced nutritional formula and easy to absorb characteristics. As a representative of the domestic high-end milk powder brand, Anutric, which has been committed to the production of high-end milk powder industry for many years, has reached the international advanced level in terms of equipment investment, production process, testing capability and quality control with its high standard design system. In this opportunity of domestic milk powder outbreak, it will definitely open up a bigger market and win more consumers' favor.
More suitable for Chinese baby physique,Anutric's main balance and affinity formula is favored。
At present, the consumption upgrades in the second and third tier cities continue to strengthen, and consumers are beginning to pursue more quality assurance. With the implementation and implementation of the second-child policy, market demand has continued to grow, providing favorable conditions for the strong rise of domestic milk powder. Annuchi has been cultivating infant formula for many years. With the "Mother's Choice" as the core of the brand, he provides the baby with healthy and nutritious milk powder.
New Zealand, known as the land of the long white cloud, belongs to New Zealand as a temperate maritime climate. The seasons are like spring, the rainfall is abundant, the plant growth is very prosperous, the forest coverage rate is 29%, and the natural pastures occupy the land area. Half of it. As the milk source of the high-end milk powder brand Anutric milk powder, its green and pure natural environment makes every cow growing here healthy and lays a solid foundation for the quality of Anutric milk powder.
With a high-quality milk source to protect the quality of the product, Anutric gives the milk powder more possibilities in the formula. Taking Annux goat milk powder as an example, because the fat molecules and protein particles of goat milk powder are small, it is more conducive to the digestion and absorption of newborn babies, and plays a key role in the absorption and digestion of nutrients required by infants and young children at critical stages of body development.
In order to produce goat milk powder with higher quality and more suitable for baby nutrition absorption, Anutric goat milk powder adopts NL45° gold milk source with imported goat milk source, 100% pure goat whey protein, and the content of goat milk is close to 80. %, rich in αs2_casein, immunoglobulin, hypoallergenic, is more conducive to your baby's health.
Its fully balanced affinity formula OPO affinity human body structure fat plays an important role in the healthy growth of the baby's body. Relevant experiments prove that adding structural lipid "OPO" in formula milk powder can better meet the baby's nutritional needs and is decreasing. Constipation and difficulty in defecation, increase the absorption of minerals such as calcium, reduce the loss of nutrients, promote bone development, optimize absorption and promote the growth of probiotics.
Not only that, but also added nucleotides + DHA + ARA + lutein to provide more comprehensive nutrition for your baby's brain development. Among them, the special innovation adds a pure natural "fruit extract" from Switzerland, which supplements the baby with multi-vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, which is more conducive to the baby's acceptance of the fruits and vegetables in the complementary food.
The production line is fully covered, and Annuchi accurately locates the high-end milk powder brand.
Looking at the development of the milk powder industry in the past two years, the trend of brand high-end is becoming more and more obvious. More and more dairy products are beginning to focus on milk powder nutrition research, exploring differences in formula and nutritional upgrades. Anutric is based on the brand positioning of high-end formula, from product design, production management, processing technology to excellence, to ensure product quality and safety, nutrition, and carefully prepare the first food for Chinese baby.
In addition, Anutric also invested a lot of energy in the production of milk powder. It not only has a production base covering nearly 300 acres in Anda City, Heilongjiang, but also invested in the construction of a new advanced production line in 2018, using imported new high-end equipment, and more International high-tech products provide hardware support for the production of high-quality products. Each of Anutric' products is subjected to 31 links, more than 300 quality inspections, and HPLC_MS inspection technology to ensure accurate and reliable results. At the same time, the ERP traceability system is adopted to implement one can and one yard, so that the enterprise, the government supervision department and the consumer can trace back to ensure the quality and safety of each can of milk powder.
The proposal of the "Proposal" is a favorable opportunity forAnutricto develop the market. Especially in the era of full-scale explosion of the dairy industry, as a high-end infant milk powder brand, Annuchi has deep researched formula milk powder for many years, and the production base has a history of 67 years of quality safety accidents, which is widely praised in the industry and consumers. Under the favorable market and the double stimulation of national policies, the advantages of formula milk powder gradually emerged, and Anutric has gradually been recognized by consumers. With the continuous development and upgrading of products, the establishment of word of mouth and the improvement of the status of domestic milk powder, Anutric will also There will be more quality products to give back to Chinese babies to help their babies grow up healthily.

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