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Anutric: A three-stage rocket growth model for a can of milk powder

2019/03/07 16:37
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In the Internet industry, you can often hear the story of a company's growth of a "three-level rocket." To put it bluntly, the growth of any enterprise is inseparable from the combined forces of internal and external driving forces to form the greatest potential. Sun Tzu's Art of War: The disease of water, as for the stone-walker, the potential. The same is true.

  In the Internet industry, you can often hear the story of a company's growth of a "three-level rocket." To put it bluntly, the growth of any enterprise is inseparable from the combined forces of internal and external driving forces to form the greatest potential. Sun Tzu's Art of War: The disease of water, as for the stone-walker, the potential. The same is true.


  Anutric, who has been in the infant formula industry for more than ten years, has always adhered to the research, production and sales of high-end formula milk powder since its establishment, and has not followed the trend of listing products, but from one At the beginning, we cut into the new category of goat milk powder, adhered to the high-end formula of milk powder, explored the new style of "manufacturing + service" mode, and found the "three-level rocket" that promoted the growth of the company, and became one of the infant formula milk powders. Dark horse.



First-class rocket: Accurately grasp the consumption potential of goat milk powder


  According to the data of 2018, Anutric has gained a lot of money, and sales have achieved remarkable results. The popularity and recognition of the new generation of mothers have continued to increase. Not only Annuich, but with the release of domestic milk powder companies' revenue data, the infant milk powder industry is ushered in a substantial increase, which is an indisputable fact.


  All the way up, Anutric has won the industry's authoritative awards for many years. Since 2012, Anutric brand infant formula milk powder and infant formula products have been listed in China. One year later, Anutric took the title of "International Brand Promotion Pioneer". In 2017, Anutric was selected as one of the top 100 companies in the "Quality" and won the "China Made 2025 Top 100 Brand", becoming a flag of high-end manufacturing. In January 2019, Anutric was once again awarded the "Excellent Enterprise" award by the China Food News, the authoritative media in the food industry, and became the benchmark brand proud of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up.



  In fact, the earliest Anutric chose to cut into the Chinese market with goat milk powder, which is a very cutting-edge frontier. At that time, the domestic goat milk powder market was still very small, and milk powder based on cow's milk occupied an absolute dominance. But goat milk powder is a gold mine to be excavated. Because goat milk has small fat molecules and protein particles, its protein structure is closer to breast milk, and it does not contain heterosexual proteins that may cause allergies in milk. Baby digestion and absorption. Moreover, the unique EGF factor in goat milk is rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, which can significantly enhance your baby's immunity.


  In the field of goat milk, which is not in sight, Anutric became a fast-growing innovation force and quickly gained a foothold in the market. Taking advantage of the new opportunities in the goat milk market is Anutric' first-class rocket that has grown rapidly in the infant milk powder sector.


  The data shows that China's goat milk powder market has maintained an increase of more than 25% per year, which is far ahead of the compound growth rate of sales of about 7% of milk powder. As early as 2017, the market size of goat milk powder has reached 6 billion yuan. It is estimated that the market capacity will exceed 10 billion yuan in 2020.


  Second-class rocket: high-end milk powder formula to seize the crown of the pearl


  At the moment, the situation of consumption upgrading is intensifying. For a company, it is necessary not only to bow down and pull the car, but also to look up the road, with clear industry awareness, in order to seize a wave of growth dividends. The same is true for the domestic infant formula market. Annuci can achieve growth rate far higher than the industry average. The second-class rocket is to use the high-end milk powder formula to capture the market, and has established the development concept of core technology to establish industry barriers.


  Starting from the product development level, Anutric has always insisted on product excellence, considerate product design, and invested in professional teams for in-depth analysis and research. As early as 2007, Anutricch innovated and passed the "high-covering spoon" design approved by the national invention patent, which created a precedent for the infant and milk powder packaging innovation industry in China and the world, and triggered the competition of domestic and foreign infant milk powder enterprises. follow. In addition, in the product positioning, Aniuxi takes high-end infant milk powder as a breakthrough to continuously improve product competitiveness, and with the goal of balancing nutrition, it has launched a health concept with pure goat whey protein, OPO and unique fruit extract. The product has created a strong product force suitable for the healthy growth of Chinese babies.


  In addition to product development and design concepts of excellence, milk powder formula is the foundation of a product. With the implementation of the National Infant Formula Formulation System, in early 2018, Anniesi's high-end infant formula milk powder and infant formula were successfully passed through the State Food and Drug Administration's “Infant Formula Milk Powder Product Registration Management”. Method".


  In the field of goat milk, Anutric has become a shining star in the field of goat milk with high-quality imported milk source, 100% pure goat whey protein, imported OPO, and unique fruit extract. The data show that as of October 2018, there are 85 brands of goat milk powder in China through the "Infant Formula Milk Powder Product Registration Management Measures", only 36 brands are pure goat whey protein, of which 26 are domestic brands, Annu It is one of them. In the pure goat milk powder brand, Anutric is a high-end brand of pure goat milk powder brand with a content of nearly 80% high goat milk. In addition, the balanced design of Annuich's "healthy immunity + brain supplementation + nutrient absorption" has been welcomed and recognized by Chinese treasure mothers.


  The insistence on the high-end infant milk powder finally allowed Anutric to keep the cloud open for the moon. According to some data, in the next three to five years, mid-to-high-end infant formula will account for 70%-80% of the total, making it the brightest pearl in the crown of the entire industry.


  Three-stage rocket: innovative play of "manufacturing + service"


  In addition to cutting into high-end goat milk powder and cultivating internal strength in product design, Annuich also fits into the big industry trend of upgrading from manufacturing to service industry.


  As consumer demand continues to change, infant milk powder products increasingly need to increase the service gene, forming a stronger connection with the target consumer, rather than selling the product will be all right. Only by injecting the concept of "manufacturing + service" into the long-term development strategy of the company can we develop more sustained and stronger growth momentum.


  In this regard, Anutric not only exerts its strength on high-quality milk sources and high-end formulas, but also goes through 31 links and more than 300 quality inspections from raw materials to the factory. "Essence of food", and Anutric also launched innovative measures on "manufacturing + service" to promote the infant and milk powder industry to upgrade from the "manufacturing" to the "manufacturing + service industry".


  For example, for the channel, Anutric provides comprehensive support in store materials, training and industry exhibitions, brand exposure, and increase the advertising on the TV side variety and parenting programs. On the other hand, Anutric held a series of training sessions on "Children's Lecture Hall" throughout the country to provide professional knowledge of infant and young children's health and nutrition. Experts teach science and child care experience, and carry out online childcare knowledge services on the Internet, which not only enhances distribution. The confidence of the business has narrowed the distance with the target consumers and enhanced the brand affinity of Anutric.



  The data shows that at the end of 2018, the size of China's maternal and child family will reach 286 million, followed by a huge consumer market. In 2018, the size of China's maternal and child market is expected to exceed 3 trillion yuan. As one of the biggest cakes, infant formula is expected to grow into a larger brand. Nowadays, with the growth model of the "three-stage rocket", Anutric has already stood on the market, and it is just around the corner to draw a more beautiful growth curve.

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