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Anutric at the 2019CBME exhibition, showing the brand's new forces

2019/07/26 00:01
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On July 25, 2019, the 19th CBME Pregnancy and Baby Food Exhibition, which attracted much attention from the industry, kicked off at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. Maternal and child brands, industry big coffees, distributors and franchisees from all over the world come together to lead the trend and collide with each other.
As the world's second largest consumer market for infants, the infant formula industry has a natural advantage in China. Due to the implementation of the second-child policy in recent years, the acceleration of the second- and third-line consumption upgrades, the Chinese infant milk powder industry has reached the eve of the big outbreak, and injected a booster into the milk powder industry. For dealers who grow up with the milk powder brand, how do you grasp this growth opportunity?
Anutric, a high-end milk powder brand that has been committed to the development of innovative infant foods, has provided the best opportunity for dealers looking for breakthroughs. With a breakthrough in quality and innovation, Anutric has developed and produced the formula that is most suitable for the growth of Chinese babies. It has not only been recognized and loved by consumers, but also has been favored by dealers around the world through channel empowerment. While Anuchi has gained a lot of room for growth in the field of infant milk powder, it has also brought multiple benefits to dealers.
Tightening the trend of the times, Annuchi launched the "sea, land and air" three-dimensional operation promotion model.
In the Internet age, the development of any industry is inseparable from the marketing boost, especially after the infant milk powder enters the stage of brand concentration, whether it is online e-commerce, offline baby-storage stores, or commercial channels, Focusing on the three-dimensional empowerment and service support system output by the milk powder brand, the future brand owners must develop towards the brand service providers.
Based on market demand and industry characteristics, Anutric, who is deeply cultivating the Chinese infant milk powder market, has established a support system for the comprehensive empowerment channel of “sea, land and air” in terms of channels. On the one hand, it will increase air advertising, with full coverage of CCTV, deep embedded columns, rich and colorful network marketing forms, all-round carpet coverage, and quickly enhance the brand awareness of Anutric; on the other hand, in ground support, A large number of terminals have been invested in promoting the combination of materials and resources, and dealers have become the promotion of online and offline synchronization.
Carrying out a variety of activities to target the target audience, Anuchi injects innovation into the brand
With the upgrade of the milk powder brand service, Anutric and the target audience have built a closer contact and mutual assistance system. Through online and offline marketing activities across the country, the brand and consumer distance have been brought closer, and the viscosity and goodness of the brand and consumers have been established, which has effectively shaped the brand advantage.
For example, Annuci's "Anutric Parenting Lecture Hall", "Shopping Guide Training Class" and "Mom Class" training activities held throughout the country invites channels and consumers to participate in the transmission of professional infant and child health nutrition knowledge. Through good content, practical knowledge, and flexible communication methods, we will establish a close bond between the channel and the treasure mothers.
On the online, Anutric also through the online parenting lecture hall, monthly regular live courses, to provide support for channel promotion, so that dealers everywhere to obtain strong support, professional and confident to gain consumer trust.
At the time of the market dividend, Anutric wanted to share the bonus with the dealer.
In 2018, the "China Goat Milk Powder Industry Development Research" published by the Center for Food and Drug Industry Development and Supervision of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences showed that the small advantages of small molecules in sheep milk powder are easy to absorb. Coupled with technological innovation, consumption upgrades in third- and fourth-tier cities continue to increase, and the advantages of the high-end goat milk powder line represented by Anuxi are gradually presented. The goat milk powder industry is welcoming the spring and the future.
Leveraging Dongfeng, Anutric, as an practitioner and active promoter of the infant formula industry, has not only experienced a substantial increase in sales in 2018, but also re-adjusted the rhythm in 2019. In the future, Anutric will also develop more and more development space, empowerment channels and dealers, and dealer terminal development to achieve a win-win situation.

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