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What kind of milk powder does your baby drink?

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2018/08/23 00:01
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 There are various scientifically matched nutrients in infant milk powder. It is a very suitable milk powder for the baby to quickly replenish the nutrients needed for body development after eating. Their nutritional ratios are based on science, and the specific choices are based on the baby's constitution.

  There are various scientifically matched nutrients in infant milk powder. It is a very suitable milk powder for the baby to quickly replenish the nutrients needed for body development after eating. Their nutritional ratios are based on science, and the specific choices are based on the baby's constitution. The most suitable milk powder for newborns is the best.


  Usually mothers choose the following aspects for their choice of milk powder:

  First, formula infant milk powder


  Infant formula, also known as mother emulsified milk powder, refers to the artificial milk or other animal milk, or other animal and plant extracts as the basic composition, and appropriate addition of nutrients, so that the total composition can supply the artificial growth and development of a child Food, also known as baby milk powder.


  It is a dairy product that is formulated on the basis of ordinary milk powder in order to meet the nutritional needs of the baby.


  Infant formula is made from milk powder, whey powder, soybean, and sucrose, and is added to the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals and other nutrients.


  Second, OPO formula infant milk powder

  Opo formula is based on cow's milk, adding appropriate amount of nutrients to the milk powder, especially the structural fat "OPO", so that the opo formula is closer to breast milk than the normal formula.


  OPO formula advantage

  1. Reduce constipation and difficulty in defecation


  Baby intestines are the main place for nutrient digestion and absorption of growth and development. OPO formula can help your baby absorb and digest nutrients better, effectively reduce the possibility of calcium soap production, increase the softness of baby stools, reduce the incidence of constipation, and avoid The baby gets angry.


  2. Reduce the loss of nutrients

  OPO formula can effectively improve the baby's absorption and utilization of energy and calcium minerals, and reduce the loss of nutrients. It can also help infants and young children to better absorb calcium and make calcium fully precipitate in bones, which helps to promote baby's bone growth and development.


  3. Increase the number of probiotics

  Studies have shown that OPO formula can help increase the number of probiotics in infants and toddlers, help improve the baby's intestinal flora balance, and stimulate immune cells. Reducing milk powder to nature through human-friendly technology to better support your baby's healthy growth.


  Third, DHA formula infant formula

  DHA can promote the maturation of retinal photoreceptor cells. DHA not only has an important effect on fetal brain development, but also plays an important role in the maturation of retinal photoreceptor cells. Pregnant women can get DHA through pregnancy and then transport them to the fetal brain and retina, which will increase the maturity of nerve cells and improve brain cell development.


  Four, ARA formula infant milk powder

  ARA (AA) scientific name arachidonic acid, also known as arachidonic acid, is an Omega 6 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid. In childhood, ARA is an essential fatty acid, and the lack of ARA may have serious adverse effects on the development of human tissues and organs, especially the development of the brain and nervous system. After growth, the human body can be transformed from the essential fatty acids linoleic acid and linolenic acid, so it is a semi-essential fatty acid.


  These nutrients are very important for the baby's intellectual development. Therefore, mothers should consider whether the ratio of these nutrients is present and reasonable when choosing milk powder.


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