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Mom, little, I love you like this~

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2018/07/27 00:01
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The newborn likes to stare at your face. He wants to figure out what the person who gives her grandmother every day looks like. The baby looks at you and smiles. It shows that you are her favorite. She has realized that you are in her. How important is life.

  Cosmic waste

  Life is vast

  But only mothers and children

  Really shared heartbeat

  Double heartbeat in the body


  Is the child's first sentence "Hello"

  do you know

  Mother gives her baby unlimited love


  Baby knows how to respond

  Just in a different way


  With An Xiaoxi

  Look at the baby's cute responses.


  Tim's Lullaby

  Bandari - Silence With Sound From Nature


  Gazing into your eyes

  The newborn likes to stare at your face. He wants to figure out what the person who gives her grandmother every day looks like. The baby looks at you and smiles. It shows that you are her favorite. She has realized that you are in her. How important is life.


  Identify your taste

  The baby cried, and the mother did not cry when she hugged the baby. It was because he tasted the taste of the mother. The taste of the mother was a sweet and delicious way to make the baby fascinated, mixed with milk and body fragrance. Therefore, when many babies are sleeping, the mother will put a close-fitting clothing on the baby's side, just like the mother is with her.


  Smile at you

  When the baby smiles at you for the first time, believe me, it is definitely a magical moment. It is an angel's smile. She is saying "I love you" in her own way.


  I am going to talk to you.

  There is always something to say to the person you like. The baby can't talk, but he has learned to talk to you, so the mother should respond positively to the baby, what is not important, important. It is the induction of the soul.


  rely on you

  In the first two years after the baby is born, especially in the first year, it is the most dependent on the mother. The eyes will follow the mother. If you can't see it, you will feel scared. You will cry to find your mother. I feel relieved when I hear my mother’s voice. So when the baby shows dependence on you, that means he loves you.


  Pat your face

  Sometimes my mother is holding her baby. When the baby is happy, she will suddenly be afraid of hitting her mother's face, or use her hand to cover your hair. Mom should not be angry, because the baby has not learned how to express his feelings, and will be beaten when excited.


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