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Prenatal Education Program Begins with Understanding

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2019/05/17 15:44
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 The fetus grows up day by day in Mommy's belly. Has Mommy started to work out a detailed plan for fetal education? Don't cram anything temporarily. Make sure you plan it well in advance.

  The fetus grows up day by day in Mommy's belly. Has Mommy started to work out a detailed plan for fetal education? Don't cram anything temporarily. Make sure you plan it well in advance. It will help your mother and baby very well. So what kind of prenatal education programs do pregnant mothers have to do? Let's get to know it together.


  1. Understanding the Importance of Prenatal Education Correctly

  The benefits of prenatal education are the conclusions drawn by the authorities after a long period of follow-up survey. Therefore, mothers-to-be need not doubt that fetal churches will not really help their babies'growth and development. We should correctly recognize the importance of fetal education and give our baby the first lesson of life in advance. Instead of regarding fetal education as an indispensable thing, we totally neglected it, did not make any plans, and eventually did nothing carelessly.


  2. Grasp the Time of Prenatal Education

  At 16 weeks of gestation, the fetus has the sense of touch, taste and smell; at 18 weeks, the fetus has the sense of vision and hearing; at 26 weeks, the fetus has the subconscious; at 30 weeks, the fetus has the ability to learn, remember and dream; at 36 weeks, the fetus's cerebral cortex is fully developed.


  Babies begin music prenatal education in 4 and a half months. Any soothing and graceful European classical music and light music are good materials for prenatal education. We should pay attention not to play exciting music with strong rhythm and great rhythm change, or music with sad mood. Good music can be played repeatedly to strengthen the fetus. Baby's memory. From 4 and a half months of gestation, the mood of the baby will change with the change of the mood of the pregnant mother. Therefore, it is an excellent emotional prenatal education for the baby to comfort the pregnant mother timely and release the bad mood of the pregnant mother.


  3. Avoid excessive

  Some anxious parents are anxious to instill everything they know, or everything written in books, into their babies within a week. So fetal education has become a terrible task, whether the baby wants to or not, go ahead with it, until the baby and adults are exhausted and protest individually. In fact, this will not do any good to the baby, will only arouse their disgust, so that they will no longer cooperate with you to complete the wonderful process of fetal education.


  4. Pay attention to emotions

  When writing a plan, adults must not write emotions in the plan, because emotions do not know when they will appear, so they do not take it seriously. In fact, emotions have a great impact on the baby's fetal education. Mommy's angry baby can clearly feel that if you are happy today, you must be full of love and warmth when telling stories to the baby. On the contrary, you can be a task to complete, and the baby will feel the emotional fluctuations from you and refuse without hesitation. Never what you convey to him about fetal education, such fetal education has no meaning. And emotions can also affect the healthy development of babies, the greater risk is that it may lead to deformities or other physiological diseases of babies. So during pregnancy, we must keep a good mood, not often emotional abnormalities or temper.


  In addition, the expectant father should remember to spare some time to accompany the pregnant mother, so that the pregnant mother immersed in immeasurable satisfaction, to alleviate the physical and mental pressure during pregnancy, ready to meet the baby's "growth" and "mature" psychological preparation, has great benefits. The best time for fetal education is when the fetus moves most frequently every evening from 4 to 5 months. This kind of fetal education not only makes the fetus feel comfortable, but also alleviates the tension and anxiety of the pregnant mother.

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