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Prenatal education plan

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2017/07/13 00:01
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 The fetus grows up in Mommy's belly every day. Has Mommy started to develop a detailed prenatal plan? Don't hang on anything forever, be sure to plan ahead, so that you will be very helpful to yourself and your baby! 

  The fetus grows up in Mommy's belly every day. Has Mommy started to develop a detailed prenatal plan? Don't hang on anything forever, be sure to plan ahead, so that you will be very helpful to yourself and your baby! So what prenatal education plans do women have to do during pregnancy? Let's take a look at it!


  1. Correct understanding of the importance of prenatal education

  The benefits of prenatal education are the conclusions drawn by the authorities through long-term follow-up investigations. Therefore, the prospective mother does not have to suspect that the fetal church will not really help the baby's growth and development. You should correctly understand the importance of prenatal education and give your baby the first lesson in life. Instead of treating prenatal education as a dispensable thing, don't worry about it at all, don't make any plans, and finally sloppy things.


  2. Grasp the time of prenatal education

  Generally, after 4 months of pregnancy, you can start prenatal education. This is the developmental stage of your baby's hearing. The beautiful piano melody will give your baby a comfortable feeling. They like this kind of music. Therefore, preparing the music that your baby likes is also an important part of prenatal education. The time of prenatal education can be divided into auditory development period, visual development period, and brain development period. Carry out the corresponding prenatal education for the baby in the corresponding time period, and proceed according to the plan prepared in advance. As the baby grows up day by day, the baby can understand more and more things, from the initial listening to music to the back to listen to the story, the baby will tell you very well that he is listening carefully, he learned a lot .


  3. Do not overdo

  Some impatient parents can't wait to instill everything they know, or everything they write in a variety of books, into a baby in the belly in a week. Therefore, prenatal education has become a terrible task, regardless of whether the baby is willing or not, and will continue to do it until the baby and the adults are exhausted, and their protests will stop. In fact, this does not have any benefit to the baby, it will only arouse their resentment, so that they no longer cooperate with you to complete the wonderful process of prenatal education.


  4. Pay attention to emotions

  When writing a plan, adults must not write their emotions in the plan, because emotions don't know when they will appear, so they don't take it seriously. In fact, the impact of emotion on baby prenatal education is very large. Mommy angry baby can clearly feel that if you are happy today, you must be filled with love and warmth when telling your baby. On the contrary, you can be When the task is completed, the baby feels the mood fluctuations from you, and will unceremoniously reject the prenatal education that you conveyed to him. Such prenatal education does not make any sense. And the emotions will also affect the baby's healthy development. The greater danger is that the baby may be deformed or other physical diseases. Therefore, be sure to keep your mood comfortable during pregnancy. Do not always have emotional abnormalities or lose your temper.

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