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Blue thin mushrooms! For the purpose of postpartum bowel movements are not smooth

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2017/10/19 00:01
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Mothers finally managed to survive the October pregnancy and gave birth to a lovely baby.

  Mothers finally managed to survive the October pregnancy and gave birth to a lovely baby. As a result, I did not expect this to be the end of pain, but the beginning of trouble. Many women find that although they have given birth to their children, they also bring many problems. Postpartum constipation is one of the headaches. So how do you solve this problem?


  What is postpartum constipation?

  First of all, mothers should be clear about a concept. Constipation is only a bad symptom of the body, not a disease. Its main performance is: the number of bowel movements is reduced, only three days and more are discharged; feces are dry; defecation requires a lot of effort. Under normal circumstances, postpartum constipation is only temporary and functional constipation, mothers do not need to worry too much.


  Causes of postpartum constipation

  1. Reduced gastrointestinal function

  The gastrointestinal function of the mother who has just given birth has not fully recovered, and the gastrointestinal motility is slow, which causes the food to stay in the intestine for a prolonged period of time. After the water is greatly absorbed, it will cause dry stool and difficulty in defecation.


  2. Neural reflex

  In the third trimester, the mother's perineum and pelvis will be damaged to some extent. These injuries may cause the nerve reflex to weaken, thus inhibiting the defecation movement.


  3. Diet attention

  If you can't eat it, then even if it is not a mother, it is easy to constipation, so mothers should pay special attention to their diet, do not eat greasy, high-calorie food every day to supplement nutrition. It is recommended to eat fiber-rich foods such as oatmeal, white, spinach and various fruits every day.


  4. Relaxing mood

  If the mood of the mothers is too tight and anxious, it will lead to gastrointestinal disorders. Mom can choose to listen to some light music or sun drying to relax, don't worry about things that are bothersome, and think about some happy things.


  5. Drink plenty of water

  Drinking enough water can speed up the body's metabolism and accelerate the excretion of waste in the body.


  6. Anesthetic

  If it is a caesarean section, then the anesthetic analgesic used will also cause temporary constipation, but this is not too worrying, and it will be better in a while.


  In addition, if the mother has habitual constipation before delivery, postpartum constipation may be aggravated; and if there is hemorrhoids during pregnancy, it will make postpartum bowel movements difficult. In view of the above situation, it is recommended that mothers can do some levator ani exercise, this exercise can effectively alleviate constipation problems.

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