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Baby constipation how to do? Look at this and you will know~

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2017/05/08 00:01
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 Baby will encounter many health problems during its growth, and constipation is one of them. Constipation not only makes the baby very painful, but also ruined many parents. Is there any way to solve your baby's constipation and let him suffer less? Today, Xiaobian will talk to my parents about the solution.

  Baby will encounter many health problems during its growth, and constipation is one of them. Constipation not only makes the baby very painful, but also ruined many parents. Is there any way to solve your baby's constipation and let him suffer less? Today, Xiaobian will talk to my parents about the solution.


  How to diagnose baby constipation?

  The doctor judges whether the baby has constipation, not how close the baby is to have a bowel movement, but also whether the baby's stool is difficult and whether the stool is dry. If your baby's stool is very dry and hard, and the stool is long and hard, you can diagnose your baby's constipation.


  What is the difference between a baby's belly and constipation?

  The performance of the baby's belly is: the baby eats and drinks normally, the sleep quality is good, and the mental state is good. The performance of baby constipation is: sleep is not practical, often turning over, crying, spirit is very annoying.


  Breast milk is the baby's best food, the baby can fully absorb the nutrients in the breast milk, so the baby who grows up with breast milk often takes a long time to urinate. As long as the baby does not have pain when crying, the stool is not dry, the parents can completely let go of their heart, this is the baby in the "stomach belly."


  What is the cause of baby constipation?

  When the number of normal flora in the baby's intestine is insufficient or the amount of cellulose taken from the food is insufficient, the probiotics in the intestine cannot produce enough short-chain fatty acids, causing insufficient water in the colon, which leads to constipation.


  Parents please note that there is not much relationship between the baby's lack of water in the colon and the amount of water the baby drinks.


  How should baby constipation eat?

  If the baby is more constipated, parents should pay attention to adjust the diet structure, some food should be eaten, and some food should be eaten less.


  1. Fruits: Baby can eat more pears, peaches, grapes, citrus, etc.; eat less applesauce and bananas.


  2. Vegetables: Baby can eat more broccoli, celery, eggplant, soybeans and other vegetables; eat less carrots, potatoes and other vegetables.


  3. Dairy products: Baby can drink more yogurt and breast milk; drink less milk, cheese and other foods.


  4. Staple food: The baby can eat whole wheat noodles, whole wheat bread, whole wheat cereal and other foods containing wheat bran; eat less noodles, rice, white bread and other foods.


  How to prevent baby constipation?

  1. Develop the habit of baby's regular bowel movements

  The baby does not defecate for a long time, which will reduce the sensitivity of the anus to the stool, which will cause constipation in the long run. Therefore, parents remind the baby to go to the toilet every day to defecate.


  2. Let the baby exercise a lot

  One of the reasons why the baby has difficulty in defecation is that there is not enough exercise every day. Therefore, parents should let him carry out activities such as crawling, rolling, walking, etc. Larger children should participate in some outdoor activities.


  3. Let your baby eat more high-fiber foods

  The amount of cellulose that your baby should take every day is calculated. The calculation formula is: baby's age plus 5. For example, if the baby is 3 years old, he needs to add 8 grams of cellulose per day.

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