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Five signals tell your baby that it's time to add supplements

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2019/05/17 15:53
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 In the process of raising babies, many mothers will be confused about a question, when is the best time to add supplementary food to babies? Too early to add, will worry about the baby's gastrointestinal function is not fully developed, digestion can not affect health. 

  In the process of raising babies, many mothers will be confused about a question, when is the best time to add supplementary food to babies? Too early to add, will worry about the baby's gastrointestinal function is not fully developed, digestion can not affect health. If you add it too late, you will worry that the nutrition your baby needs will not keep up with. In fact, mothers can decide when to add supplementary foods by observing their babies'performance. Generally speaking, when a baby wants and can eat supplementary food, there are five signals below.


  First, straighten your neck independently

  Neonatal bone is very soft, not enough to support their own body, with the increase of age, the baby's body gradually grows, and the skeleton also follows the development. When the baby can raise his head, straighten his neck, and sit firmly with the slight support of his parents, the development of his head and neck muscles is gradually improved. If at this time the baby will stretch his neck forward when you eat, attracted by the smell of food, then he is thinking about you, he eats first!


  At this time, the baby, other body functions will gradually develop and improve, parents can add appropriate supplementary food to the baby, supplement the nutrition needed by the baby, so that the baby's physical development further.


  Interest in food

  When parents are eating, the baby will watch the adults eat, and has great interest. When you pick up the food, the baby will stare at you, congratulations, this is the baby is sending you the signal that he wants to eat. When breastfeeding can not satisfy the baby, will be particularly interested in adult food, bold baby will take the initiative to grasp the food in the hands of adults, want to taste. This indicates that it is time to add supplementary food to the baby.


  3. Grab something and put it in your mouth

  When the baby first grasps something, it will only shake the animal. If you find that the first reaction of your baby is to put it in his mouth, it proves that the baby wants to eat. Parents should put away the unsuitable things at home, and don't let the baby eat them by mistake.


  4. Growing slowly and the development index is far below the standard value.

  Baby's height and weight and other development indicators, if in 1 or 2 months, has been far below the standard value, then parents should pay attention, perhaps because breast milk can not meet the nutritional needs of the baby, need to add more suitable supplementary food to the baby.


  In ordinary life, parents should pay close attention to the growth of the baby, regularly measure the baby's height, weigh, and see how different from the normal standard. If the supplementary food is still not improved, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time for the corresponding examination.


  5. Baby's irritability

  If the baby cries for several days without fever or other diseases, but eats normally, sleeps well, urinates normally, and plays as usual, then parents can try to give the baby some rice paste, egg yolk and other foods, which may be the baby is reminding you to give him to eat.


  Parents should not rely too much on theoretical knowledge or blindly listen to their elders'opinions about when to add supplementary food to their babies. They may as well watch carefully the "signals" that their babies inadvertently send out, which can reflect the needs of their babies to a certain extent - it's time to add supplementary food!

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