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Food News: Anutric Strong Foundation Technology Warm Service, let Chinese baby eat good baby milk powder

2019/07/18 00:01
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Not long ago, the relevant state departments issued the "Domestic Infant Formula Milk Powder Lifting Action Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "Action Plan") and "Infant Formula Milk Powder Product Formula Registration Management Method (Draft for Comment)" (hereinafter referred to as "Measures") ), become two major events in the domestic infant formula milk powder industry this year. How to ensure the quality and safety of infant formula milk powder, quality improvement, how to meet the international advanced level, and enhance the competitiveness of Chinese brand infant formula milk powder market? A few days ago, the reporter interviewed the local dairy company Anuxi in Tianjin.

Not long ago, the relevant state departments issued the "Domestic Infant Formula Milk Powder Lifting Action Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "Action Plan") and "Infant Formula Milk Powder Product Formula Registration Management Method (Draft for Comment)" (hereinafter referred to as "Measures") ), become two major events in the domestic infant formula milk powder industry this year. How to ensure the quality and safety of infant formula milk powder, quality improvement, how to meet the international advanced level, and enhance the competitiveness of Chinese brand infant formula milk powder market? A few days ago, the reporter interviewed the local dairy company Anutric in Tianjin.


"In June, I collected information on the baby milk powder industry online, and unexpectedly found that the 'baby evaluation' platform carried out the evaluation of the domestic infant milk powder and published the evaluation results. The Anuxi infant with goat milk powder was the first in total. Ranked at the top of the list. "Let Anutric (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Annuchi) Marketing Department Xiao Guo was surprised that one did not know the platform's evaluation of the product before; the second is that Anutric never touched Through the platform, there is no advertising investment. He was also very excited when he was surprised: "The company has built a baby milk powder that is safe and nutritious for Chinese baby for many years and has been recognized by the society."




The reporter saw that the third-party evaluation of the 21 domestic 1 section of goat milk powder source, milk-based raw materials, basic nutrition, enhanced formula, brand trust and other indicators were scored, the analysis of the project is more comprehensive, the analysis indicators are fine .


Anutric is a company specializing in the production of infant formula sheep, milk powder and maternal formula milk powder. "The country is determined to improve the quality and safety of China's infant formula and market competitiveness. We will fully respond to the National Action Plan and the Measures. The quality and safety of our products will go up to the next level to fully protect the healthy growth of the baby." Xi’s president, Fang Ce, believes that the “Action Plan” aims to further improve the quality, competitiveness and reputation of domestic infant formula milk powder. The “Measures” are based on the premise of ensuring the quality and safety of infant formula milk powder, and strengthen the scientific formula of the product formula. Security review, while implementing the national "release, management, service" requirements. As an infant formula milk powder production enterprise, it should strengthen the foundation, develop technology, and warm the service, and contribute strength and wisdom to the domestic infant formula milk powder lifting action.


The milk source is the basis for the quality and safety of infant formula. Both domestic and imported milk sources must meet national standards. Sun Hongqin, director of marketing at Anutric, said that the core of competition in the infant formula industry should be quality and safety, and milk source is the key. For example, the national limit for the total number of raw milk powder colonies is 200,000 CFU/g, and the upper limit of the Anutric standard is 1000 CFU/g, which is one-hundredth of the national standard. Anuchi is the preferred source of goat milk at home and abroad. At present, Anutric infants with goat milk powder and Bao mother goat milk powder use goat milk from the European 45-degree gold milk source. Although the price is high, the nutritional indicators are good and natural. ,stable quality.




Technology is the support for making healthy food for infants and young children. Sun Hongqin pointed out that breast milk is the best ration for infants and young children. In the absence of breast milk or insufficient breast milk, infant formula is the basic ration of infants and young children. This requires research and formulation of nutritional sciences to bring the various nutrients of infant formula milk close to breast milk. Anuchi learns from internationally advanced companies, in-depth study of breast milk and infant nutrition needs, and designs formulas based on the physical condition and nutritional needs of Chinese children. According to the different nutritional needs of infants and young children of different ages and ages, formula milk powder is divided into infant formula milk powder suitable for 0-3 years old, children formula milk powder suitable for children over 3 years old, and sheep for nutrition maternal. Milk formula milk powder. In terms of scientific nutritional formula, Annuchi is the first to add fruit extracts with fruit and vegetable ingredients to the infant's milk powder, which is conducive to supplementing the demand for multivitamins and dietary fiber during the growth of the baby, helping to solve the problem of the baby's resistance to fruits and vegetables and adverse reactions. The children's growth formula not only adds 52 kinds of fruit and vegetable extracts, two-component active probiotics, but also adds bird's nest bioactive ingredients.


Work together to provide warmhearted services to consumers. This year, Anutric comprehensively laid out the domestic infant milk powder market, increased the promotion of online child-raising lecture halls, and provided consumers with more online live Q&A or parenting knowledge videos and audio. For the scientific and convenient nutrition knowledge; the nationwide parenting large class training activities were carried out online, and the knowledge of scientific parenting was taught to more parents of infants and toddlers to bring the scientific knowledge to the distance between consumers.


At the same time, we provide comprehensive knowledge reserve and service support for dealers and terminal stores, including hiring senior experts and lecturers to continue on-site training for sales personnel and terminal shopping guides, and improve the professional service capabilities of channel personnel in the face of consumers. Enjoy a warm service while understanding consumption.

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