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Which foods will hurt your child's intelligence

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2019/05/27 00:01
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 From the baby's first breast milk, to the choice of milk powder and complementary food, every meal of the baby is the driving force for growth. How to make the baby can eat well, grow strong and less sick, naturally become a topic that mothers can never discuss. Most people care about the nutrition and taste of food, but forget that some of the food itself is rich in substances. 

  What kind of food will hurt your baby?


  From the baby's first breast milk, to the choice of milk powder and complementary food, every meal of the baby is the driving force for growth. How to make the baby can eat well, grow strong and less sick, naturally become a topic that mothers can never discuss. Most people care about the nutrition and taste of food, but forget that some of the food itself is rich in substances. Parents who are hurting children should be familiar with it. Today, let’s take a look at the foods that are often encountered in daily life. Give your child more food.


  Food containing "harmful substances"

  Baby is born with memory, and lead, aluminum, genetically modified ingredients, oxidized lipids can cause slow brain development and memory loss, directly detrimental to brain development. Smoked fish, bacon, etc., such as oily foods, genetically modified soy products, and prolonged exposure, are not suitable for younger babies.


  Food containing "excess sugar and salt"

  Sweets containing sucrose will cause dopamine in your baby's brain, which will make you feel excited and happy, but excessive consumption will affect your baby's brain development and also cause your baby to become obese. Your baby's sensitivity to salt is higher than that of adults. When the salt content of food is 0.25%, adults may not feel salty, but infants and young children can fully perceive it. Parents do not need to add salt to the baby food supplement within 6 months, mainly based on light diet, so that the baby begins a low-salt diet from an early age. Cookies, sweets, and nuts with high salt content should be carefully selected for your baby.


  Food containing "fragrance and flavoring"

  The State clearly stipulates in the "Food Safety Standards for the Use of Food Additives" that no infant formula should be added to any infant formula for 0 to 6 months. For larger infants and infant formulas, vanilla can be used. Vegetarian, ethyl vanillin and vanilla bean extract, so within 1 year old, we will not add oil, salt, soy sauce, honey and other foods to the child, in order to fully protect the child's taste bud development, maintain the baby's eating habits To avoid children's picky eating and eating bad habits.


  Contains food that is "not easily absorbed by the baby"

  As parents want to give the best to the baby, the well-known expensive sea cucumber has a very high nutritional value, but the baby's fragile stomach is metabolically immobile. There are also palm oils that are not commonly used by parents in children's biscuits. Scientific research has found that palm oil and calcium combine to form calcium soap, which will affect the baby's calcium absorption and dry stool. The research literature of Dr. Koo, an American bone mineral density expert, proved that the palm milk-free formula has better calcium absorption. Therefore, as a parent to choose food for the baby must be careful, consider the high nutrition, but also pay attention to the baby can not absorb.


  Containing "pigment" food

  Long-term intake of pigmentation in your baby can also impair mental development. Colorful candy, colorful jelly, etc. These "color" foods are most attractive to the baby, but parents must not let the children go too far. Try to let your children eat more natural foods, not to buy processed foods that are too bright in color, or to buy food that has not been inspected or approved by the food hygiene department. Try to avoid letting your child eat a lot of foods containing artificial colors such as jelly, ice cream, and candy.


  The above describes the food that is harmful to the child's body, and hopes that more parents can pay attention in time. When supplementing your child's nutrition, you should pay attention to the mastery of some small details. Not all foods can be given to children. Perhaps excessive love is harmful to the baby. Parents should not only pay attention to the reasonable nutritional intake of the baby to meet the needs of their growth and development, but also pay attention to the good eating habits of the baby from childhood. Here we recommend a high-end infant formula that is added to the above-mentioned harmful foods "0": Annuich series infant formula is not included: genetically modified ingredients, sucrose, flavor, pigment, palm oil. In order to ensure the taste of the milk powder, Anneuxi also added a fruit extract extracted from Switzerland to supplement the baby with dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and other active substances to protect the baby's intestinal health and help the baby to build a solid foundation. Healthy eating habits, fueling your baby's growth.

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