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Can milk powder and rice flour be eaten together?

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2019/05/17 15:51
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Can milk powder and rice flour be eaten together?

  Babies can add some supplementary food about 4-6 months after birth, and rice flour is almost the first food for all babies. Faced with the fact that children eat supplementary food, many mothers are also very difficult. What should babies do if they don't eat? Can we take formula milk powder instead of rice noodles?


  It takes time for babies to come into contact with a new food. It's normal for them to start confronting each other. Mothers need to be guided slowly. So, can formula milk powder and rice flour be eaten together? Parenting experts warn mothers that although rice flour and milk powder are prepared together, which saves time and effort, the fact is that ordinary rice flour is not suitable for milk powder concoction unless it is specifically indicated that rice flour can be added to milk.


  1. Nutritional components are easily destroyed.

  Formula milk powder is made from breast milk as the gold standard, milk or goat milk as raw materials, adding nutrients needed for baby growth through advanced production technology. The main raw material of rice flour is cereals. Rice flour as a supplementary food, as its name implies, is a supplementary food other than staple food. Its nutritional composition is much lower than infant formula milk powder. When rice flour is mixed with milk powder, it is equivalent to taking rice flour as staple food.


  Formula milk powder has its own special formula. The proportion of water and milk powder is scientifically calculated. If other foods are added in the process of preparation, it may cause some changes in nutritional proportion, thus affecting the absorption of baby nutrition. Rice flour can not eat too much, the baby is easy to satiate, naturally would not like to eat milk powder. In order to better absorb the nutritional ingredients in milk powder, it is best to drink milk powder for half an hour before feeding the baby rice powder.


  In addition, the concentration of powdered milk is different from that of rice flour. The powdered milk is thinner and the rice flour is thicker. If rice flour is mixed with milk powder, the milk may become thick. After the baby drinks, may have indigestion, affecting the baby's gastrointestinal health.


  2. Different water temperature for flushing and regulating

  The temperature of milk powder should be between 40 and 60 and that of rice powder should be between 60 and 70 because rice powder is difficult to dissolve compared with milk powder. In addition to promoting the dissolution of milk powder, the most important thing is the protection of nutrients. Excessive water temperature will deteriorate the nutrients in milk powder. Rice flour and milk powder are washed together, and the rice flour can not be completely dissolved at 40-50 degree water temperature. The nutrient components in milk powder were destroyed and their original meanings were lost with 60 - 70.


  3. Notes on adding rice flour to babies

  1. Additional nutrients make up for the deficiency of pure dairy products and promote the healthy growth of children. Therefore, the earliest supplementary food should be related to the nutrient requirements of children up to 6 months. Rice flour is only the basis, which can add puree, meat paste, broth, etc., but be careful not to add too many condiments.


  2. Supplementary food should be increased step by step.

  3. After 6 months, the best starting supplement should be infant nutritional rice flour. Nutritional rice flour for infants is the best first supplement, which has been fortified with calcium, iron, zinc and other nutrients.


  4. The time for adding rice flour: It is better to add rice flour before feeding in the daytime, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, two spoons of dry powder (small spoon in milk powder can), warm water and paste, and feed the baby with small spoon before feeding.


  5. Warm water is the best choice for mixing rice flour.

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