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Summer scorpion eczema high incidence period

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2019/06/11 00:01
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With the arrival of summer, the baby's repeated scorpion rash makes many treasure moms have a headache?

  With the arrival of summer, the baby's repeated scorpion rash makes many treasure moms have a headache?


  The scorpion is high in the summer, in the hot and humid environment, the sweat is not easy to evaporate, stay in the sweat glands, sweat can not get out, can only penetrate into the surrounding tissue, into the epidermis and dermis, it forms a convex small blisters - scorpions.


  Eczema is caused by the barrier function of the skin, which can resist the various irritants from the outside and form inflammation. The most common causes of skin barrier failure are dryness, friction, infections, chemicals (various laundry detergents, disinfectants), etc. A small percentage of children's eczema is due to allergies.


  Below I will take everyone from the cause of the disease to solve the problem of high incidence of summer eczema


  Anutric goat milk powder, 100% pure goat milk protein, easy to absorb, hypoallergenic, not easy to get angry, more suitable as a summer baby staple food. In addition, goat milk also contains EGF epidermal growth factor, which can repair damaged cells on the surface of the skin. Many people have questions? Is goat milk really not allergic?


  According to specialists, some people are allergic to milk, mainly because of a_S1 casein and β_lactoglobulin in milk, and the two allergens in goat milk are extremely low in content and easier to digest and absorb than milk. Goat milk is a better alternative to milk for people who are allergic to milk.


  In addition, many people can't think of it, the baby's skin will also "wash" the problem!


  In the summer, many people who love clean Bao Baobao have excessive bathing problems. They take two or three baths a day, not only washing themselves, but also pulling them together. And each time you use a bath, soap, etc., this will cause the stratum corneum and oil layer on the skin surface to be excessively washed away. When our skin's barrier function appears, it loses its isolation and protection.


  For example: Our skin is a protective wall. This wall is cleaned by our over-cleaning. The concrete and sandstone of the wall are cleaned away. Only the masonry walls are left, without the protection of cement, sand and other fixtures. As long as there is a little wind and rain, there will be problems.


  Our over-cleaned skin is like a wall that loses cement and sand. It is completely exposed to the environment of the outside world. Any factor that may induce an allergic reaction to our skin may induce dry and rough skin, sensitive itching, and red scorpion. Skin problems such as rash.


  The cuticle of the baby's skin is much thinner than that of the adult. The function of the stratum corneum of the baby's skin in the first year of birth does not reach the skin barrier function of the adult. In this period, the stratum corneum of the baby's skin is 30% thinner than that of the adult. The basal layer of the epidermis under the stratum corneum is only 80% of the adult. They are about 3 years old, and they can gradually grow into a similar stratum corneum thickness to adults, so for the baby. It is even more difficult to take a bath.


  How do we properly bathe our baby in the summer?


  Toiletries selection:

  Baby's toiletries should choose a mild baby-specific toiletries, cleaned but not overly clean, mild and moisturized. After washing, the skin is not dry and not tight, and it is elastic.


  Use of toiletries:

  In the summer, you can take a bath for your child every day, but you don't need to use shower gel and soap every time you take a bath, 2 to 3 times a week, to avoid dry skin caused by excessive cleaning.


  The water temperature should not be too high:

  About 30 ° C, a little bit of force when taking a bath, the cornea blocking the sweat gland is removed, so that sweat is easy to discharge. But to master the strength, don't rub your child's skin.


  Child eczema prevention:

  Summer baby shower can be added to the baby bath water after boiling honeysuckle to prevent the eczema problem caused by sweating in hot summer baby. Every time the baby is showered, it is recommended to massage the baby and wipe the moist baby body lotion. The skin is smoother and smoother.


  The causes of lice and eczema are damp heat and dry friction, respectively. Therefore, in treatment, one should be dry and cool, one should be moisturized. If it is wrong, it may cause the lice to become more and more serious, and the eczema will become more and more severe. Mild eczema as long as you do a good job of moisturizing, serious eczema, please seek medical advice, use the hormone ointment under the guidance of a doctor, with moisturizing.

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