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Have you bought real pure goat milk powder?

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2018/09/07 00:01
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 To this end, many mothers will choose goat milk powder that is closer to the milk molecular structure than milk to feed the baby, but the goat milk products on the market are not good enough, and the mothers are stupid.

  Every baby is a mother's love


  Always want to give your baby the best nutrition


  Give your baby a healthy and beautiful tomorrow


  To this end, many mothers will choose goat milk powder that is closer to the milk molecular structure than milk to feed the baby, but the goat milk products on the market are not good enough, and the mothers are stupid. Which are the more easily absorbed and more precious pure goat milk, how to judge the infant formula goat milk is pure goat milk? An Xiaoxi will come to answer your questions!


  Look at the ingredients list!

  At present, in the "Infant Formula Milk Powder Product Formulation Registration Management Measures" clearly stipulates: "According to the product formula, the animal source of raw materials such as raw milk, milk powder, whey (protein) powder used in the ingredient list is clearly indicated."


  This means that the goat milk powder with the words "concentrated goat whey protein, skim goat milk powder, desalted goat milk powder" is the true pure goat milk protein goat milk powder.


  Precious goat whey protein

  Goat whey protein is a precious protein extracted from goat's milk. It has high nutritional value, is closer to breast milk than milk, and is easier for the baby to digest and absorb, and does not get angry or allergic. But because of this feature, the price of goat whey protein is much higher than that of cow whey.


  In order to reduce the cost of goat milk powder, many manufacturers in the market have selected raw materials for bovine whey. The ingredients contain two kinds of raw materials: "desalted bovine whey powder" and "concentrated bovine whey protein", which is the milk whey extracted from milk, which is not easily absorbed. Pure goat whey protein, so mothers should be cautious when choosing.

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