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Can milk powder and rice flour be mixed together?

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2018/09/07 00:01
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 When the baby is four months old, you can add some complementary foods, such as rice noodles. There are a lot of mothers who want to save trouble, will mix rice flour into the baby's milk powder, let the baby rice flour and milk powder mix and eat? So, can milk powder and rice flour be mixed together?

  When the baby is four months old, you can add some complementary foods, such as rice noodles. There are a lot of mothers who want to save trouble, will mix rice flour into the baby's milk powder, let the baby rice flour and milk powder mix and eat? So, can milk powder and rice flour be mixed together?


  Answer: No! ! No! No! ! !


  Easy malnutrition

  Milk powder is a powdered food made from milk or goat milk. Rice flour is a powdered food made from rice. Rice flour is a kind of complementary food. As the name implies, it is an auxiliary food other than the staple food. Its nutrients are much lower than that of infant formula. Rice flour and milk powder are used together to make rice noodles as a staple food.


  In addition, infant formula has its own special formula. The proportion of water and milk powder added is scientifically calculated. If other foods are added during the process of brewing, it may cause some changes in the proportion of nutrients, thus affecting The absorption of baby's nutrition. Rice noodles can't be eaten too much, and the baby is easy to be full, naturally he is not willing to eat milk powder. In order for the baby to better absorb the nutrients in the milk powder, it is best to drink the milk powder for half an hour before feeding the baby rice.


  In addition, the concentration of milk powder after brewing is not the same as that of rice flour. The milk powder is relatively thin, and the rice flour is thicker. If the rice flour is mixed with the milk powder, it may make the milk thicker. After the baby drinks, it may be indigestion, affecting the baby's gastrointestinal health.


  Different water temperature

  Milk powder is usually prepared with a water temperature of about 50 ° C, while rice flour requires a warm water of 65 ° C. This is because rice noodles are more difficult to dissolve than milk powder. The requirement of water temperature for milk powder is not only the dissolution requirement, but also the protection of nutrients. If the water temperature is too high, the nutrients in the milk powder will be destroyed.


  Not only that, but the proportion of the adjustment is also different, so parents should never rush the rice noodles and milk powder to the baby.

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