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What are the common diseases of summer baby? Too full, the beautiful moms are collecting!

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2018/07/17 00:01
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 In summer, the temperature rises, the food deteriorates quickly, the bacteria grows rapidly, and it is easy to get sick if you don't pay attention. At this time, the baby's care prevention is especially important! Today, An Xiaoxi shared the common diseases and prevention methods in summer for the mothers. I hope the children will grow up healthy and happy!

  In summer, the temperature rises, the food deteriorates quickly, the bacteria grows rapidly, and it is easy to get sick if you don't pay attention. At this time, the baby's care prevention is especially important! Today, An Xiaoxi shared the common diseases and prevention methods in summer for the mothers. I hope the children will grow up healthy and happy!


  Summer digestive tract disease

  Bacterial diarrhea


  Reason: Summer is more common. Bacterial diarrhea is diarrhea caused by Salmonella. It is usually caused by a child with an unclean diet. Generally, children have fever, stomach pain, and stool is very sticky, like white jelly. If it is dysentery, there will be hemolysis in the stool.


  Treatment: Change the diaper in time, wash the buttocks and perineum with warm water, and apply with ointment, otherwise it may cause redness and even local infection of the buttocks.



  Reason: For babies, the actual shape is still relatively small, usually soft stools, all of which are thin and mushy. If the child is not a big bow for three days, it must be constipation.


  Treatment: If you have constipation in a purely breast-fed baby because you only drink breast milk, we recommend that the mother should eat more fruits and vegetables with more dietary fiber.


  For the baby who eats milk powder, it is recommended to choose its brand. It is recommended to choose Annuich formula, rich in OPO, to reduce constipation, but also promote the absorption of calcium and fatty acids, increase bone strength and protect intestinal health.


  3. Infectious diarrhea

  Cause: It is caused by bacterial or viral, and the most common diarrhea caused by rotavirus is higher in October, November and December. At first, the child had a runny nose, a slight fever, a cough, and sneezing, followed by watery diarrhea.


  Treatment: to ensure the intake of liquids. When the baby does not vomit, parents should patiently and frequently give him oral rehydration, just like intravenous drip, feeding bit by bit.


  Common respiratory diseases in summer

  Common respiratory diseases in summer include general influenza, herpetic pharyngitis, and pharyngeal conjunctival fever. How to prevent it?


  1. Strengthen physical exercise, high resistance, and forget any disease;


  2. Less public places with crowded and poor ventilation;


  3. When the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, increase or decrease the clothes in time for the baby;


  4. open air conditioning in summer, the temperature should not be too low, to avoid letting the baby blow straight;


  5. when the baby is outdoors, remember to add water in time;


  7. After returning from the outside, you should wash your hands in time.


  Common skin disease in summer



  Symptoms: The scorpion has two kinds of red peony and crystal enamel. Common red mites occur in the face, neck, upper chest or pleats of the skin. They are round and pointed, needle-sized, dense red papules, and itchy.


  Treatment and prevention:

  The child has a long scorpion, but also pay attention to the cleansing of the skin. After sweating, wipe it off in time, take a bath, and change clothes, pillows, and sheets. Cut your nails carefully to prevent your child from scratching the skin and causing infection. If the scorpion develops into an impetigo or a small scorpion dueto infection, take the child to the doctor.


  2. Eczema

  Symptoms: The clinical symptoms of eczema vary widely. According to the different manifestations of skin lesions during the onset, they are classified into acute, subacute and chronic types. Acute eczema damage pleomorphism, initially erythema, consciously burning, itching. Following the occurrence of scattered or dense papules or small blisters on the erythema, after scratching or rubbing, it is ruptured to form a smashed, oozing surface.


  Treatment and prevention: If the eczema is rare, does not affect his life, does not affect his mood, you can leave him alone. However, if the area is relatively large, and the child is irritated and sleepless, you can use a little eczema cream or a damp cream to apply a little medicine. There are some individual children with eczema allergies, there may be a process of slow desensitization, it may take a long time, then slowly.


  3. Mosquito bites

  Treatment: If the child is swollen with a large bag after being bitten by a mosquito, the most convenient and effective treatment is cold compress. Soak the towel in cold water, or wrap it in a towel and apply it to the bite. Cold compress can help reduce swelling and itching. In addition, after the child has just been bitten, he can be given some toilet water, wind oil, cool oil, etc. (Note that the child is allergic to these items, if the redness is more severe after smearing, it is necessary to stop).


  If the bite is swollen particularly badly, local infection, or the child is very annoying, indicating that the situation is more serious, take the child to see a doctor.


  Outdoor activities, sun protection

  As summer activities increase, the possibility of sunburn increases. After sunburn, your baby's skin will turn red, stinging and itching.


  When you go out, remember to give your baby a sunscreen, such as wearing a hat and applying a sunscreen for children. If you are a baby over six months old, you can start using sunscreen lotion. For long periods of time outdoors, choose a sunscreen lotion with a sun protection factor of 15-25 and rub it once every 4-5 hours.

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