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Summer baby sun protection class

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2018/07/27 00:01
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 As the temperature rises, the summer sun is getting hotter and hotter! show! show! Many parents still have a lot of misunderstandings. Does the baby need to be sunscreen so small? Can you apply sunscreen to your baby?

  As the temperature rises, the summer sun is getting hotter and hotter! show! show! Many parents still have a lot of misunderstandings. Does the baby need to be sunscreen so small? Can you apply sunscreen to your baby?


  The answer is yes. Sun protection for children is very important.


  The French newspaper Le Figaro released: Children have sunburn before the age of 3, and the risk of skin cancer in adulthood doubles.


  The baby's skin is delicate, and the sun protection is different from that of the adult.


  0_6 months baby

  1. Try to avoid direct exposure to the sun, wear protective long-sleeved pants, and wear a wide-brimmed visor to cover the face and neck.


  2. For hands and face where the clothes are not covered, parents can apply SPF15+ sunscreen to a very small range (special attention: before using sunscreen, apply a little on the baby's arm and observe for 48 hours, no bad The reaction is reused).


  Do not use sunscreen spray and your baby is at risk of inhalation. When you get home, be sure to clean your baby's area with sunscreen.


  3. Try to stay under the tree, under the umbrella or in the shade of the baby carriage, to avoid going out during the strong sunshine hours.


  Baby over 6 months

  1. Wear sunscreen clothing to prevent skin from being exposed to the sun, especially during the day when the sun is strongest. The sun protection cap is preferably above 7.5 cm.


  2. For children over 6 months, apply sunscreen to all parts of the body, but be careful about the physical sunscreen around the eyes. After 2 years of age, you can choose a combination of chemical and physical products. Apply once every two hours, apply it in time after sweating and swimming.


  3. Be extra careful at the water's edge and on the beach, as these substances can reflect UV rays and cause sunburn to be faster.


  All in all, even the best sunscreen is not as effective as blocking the sun directly!


  What to do after your baby is sunburned。

  The easiest way is to apply cold. The ice pack can be wrapped in a cold pack or towel to reduce redness and pain. If you have severe sunburn, be sure to seek medical attention in a timely manner!

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