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Can summer milk powder be placed in the refrigerator? Reveal the mystery of milk powder preservation for you

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2018/07/03 00:01
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  Summer is coming


  Not only the temperature is high,

  And the humidity is big,

  How should milk powder be preserved?

  The following is told by An Xiaoxi,

  Summer is coming


  Not only the temperature is high,

  And the humidity is big,

  How should milk powder be preserved?

  The following is told by An Xiaoxi,


  The mystery here.

  Never put a refrigerator


  Due to the large difference in temperature and humidity between the inside and outside of the refrigerator,


  Plus daily frequent pick and place,

  Milk powder is more likely to absorb moisture from the air.


  And the problem of agglomeration deterioration.

  Summer milk powder preservation


  Placed indoors in a ventilated, dry,

  It is preserved in places where sunlight is not exposed.


  Milk powder seal

  It is recommended to seal well after opening.

  Anutric has exclusive high-cover patent packaging.

  It is more convenient to use from the consumer experience.


  Safer departure,

  Continuously improve our product packaging design.


  Each canister Anjou purchases the raw materials from the original materials to the terminal channels. Throughout the process, more than 300 tests are carried out through 31 links. Advanced microcapsule embedding technology is used to ensure the taste and advanced nitrogen replacement technology to ensure product quality. Safety.


  Moisture-absorbing milk powder

  If the milk powder absorbs moisture and moisture, it will agglomerate. Can it still eat?


  In fact, the score is two cases:

  First, the cake is broken when it is pinched, and it has not changed its color and tastes. It can be eaten, but it should be eaten as soon as possible;


  Second, the agglomeration is relatively hard, and the color becomes dark and has an odor, indicating that the milk powder has deteriorated and cannot be eaten.


  How long can the washed milk powder be preserved?


  Store at room temperature for no more than 2 hours.


  Summer time is even shorter,


  If placed in the refrigerator,


  No more than 24 hours,


  If the milk powder is washed, it is eaten.


  Then no matter how much is left, it must be discarded.


  Remember, you can't feed your baby.

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