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Refuse to stay up late! Let the baby go to sleep at 10 o'clock.

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2017/11/07 00:01
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Nowadays, the pace of life is very fast. Many parents are also very busy at night, and the children are also affected to follow the "day and night". Here to remind everyone, parents' nightlife habits often have a great impact on their children, which is not conducive to their health.

  Nowadays, the pace of life is very fast. Many parents are also very busy at night, and the children are also affected to follow the "day and night". Here to remind everyone, parents' nightlife habits often have a great impact on their children, which is not conducive to their health. It is recommended not to let your day and night habits affect your child's normal life, or it will have a certain impact on his health. Normally, let your child fall asleep before 10 o'clock.


  Why do you want your child to fall asleep before 10 o'clock?

  I believe many people know that between 10 and 1 pm is the peak period of growth hormone secretion in the human body. If the child misses this period, the metabolism will be affected, which is why the child is required to sleep before 10 o'clock. It is. In addition, parents and friends need to pay attention, when the child is sleeping, you must pay attention to create a good sleeping environment, so as to prevent the child from falling asleep early but difficult to go to sleep.


  Must you follow the sleep indicators?

  Some children sleep about 10 hours a day, and they will find a lot during the nap in kindergarten. Is there a problem? There are also individual differences in the child's sleep time. Don't do anything other than the sleep indicators on the books, so as not to cause the child to have a rebellious mentality and behavioral abnormalities. As long as your child is energetic, it can be said that his sleep is enough.


  How to prevent children from going upside down?

  Many parents are troubled by this problem, so what should we do to prevent children from working and rest? First of all, parents should develop a life schedule for their children and implement them. Secondly, let the children play and consume energy during the day, and reduce the nap time. Don't let the children sleep too late. Again, take the bath time as much as possible before the child falls asleep. 30-60 minutes, this will help the child relax and make him more likely to fall asleep. In addition, it is necessary to adjust the time for the child to drink infant milk powder. It is recommended to increase the amount of milk before going to bed and increase the concentration.


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