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Anutric takes you into the goat milk powder (2)

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2018/06/14 00:01
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From a nutritional point of view, goat milk is easier to digest and absorb than milk, increasing the body's resistance, closer to breast milk, and goat milk can relieve allergies caused by most milk proteins.

  From a nutritional point of view, goat milk is easier to digest and absorb than milk, increasing the body's resistance, closer to breast milk, and goat milk can relieve allergies caused by most milk proteins.


  Anutric Super Gold + Goat Milk Powder has added 36 kinds of fruit and vegetable extracts. The fruit and vegetable extracts are derived from the famous French organic brand Naturex. The French Naturex Group headquarters is located in Naturex, Provence, France. Naturex specializes in the production of natural ingredients for the food and beverage, nutraceutical and personal care industries.


  What are the 36 kinds of fruit and vegetable extracts?

  Morello black cherry, passion fruit, guava, blueberry, kale, cherry, kiwi, broccoli, red beet, apple, white grape, red grape, papaya, lemon, mushroom, carrot, orange, pumpkin, spinach, melon, Peaches, strawberries, green peas, tomatoes, oranges, bananas, Sydney, pineapples, apricots, mangoes, plums, asparagus, red bell peppers, watercress, celery, beet leaves.


  What are the effects of fruit and vegetable extracts?

  1. Relieve constipation, solve the problem of not eating fruits and vegetables, and add vitamins.


  2. fruit and vegetable extracts provide the following nutrients for the human body:

  Dietary Cellulose: Dietary cellulose is mainly derived from fruit and cereal extract germ fiber, rich in various minerals, cellulose and oligosaccharides. Stimulates contraction and peristalsis of the intestines, accelerates stool excretion, and improves constipation;


  Phytonutrients: anti-cancer, disease-fighting and health experts, help the body to improve immunity;


  Apple: fibrous material that supplements enough fiber in the human body;

  Apricot: Rich in beta carotene, which can help the body to take vitamin A.

  Banana: High potassium content, good for human heart and muscle function;

  Blueberry: Eat more can reduce the chance of urinary tract infection;


  Melon: high levels of vitamins A and C;

  Cherry: Helps people protect their heart health;


  Grape: Flavonoids provide triple protection to the heart.


  Anutric tells you why you choose goat milk powder

  Reason one: Have an understanding of goat milk powder

  Customers who have tried goat milk or have learned about the advantages of goat milk in the outside world.


  In terms of sales distribution of goat milk powder in China, goat milk powder is mainly sold in Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces for two reasons. First, they know that goat milk powder is more than us. Second, the economic base is better than ours, so we choose more for our family. Good product --- goat milk powder.


  Reason 2: Newborn baby

  When the baby is born 0-6 months, we always advocate breastfeeding, but sometimes it is counterproductive, we can only choose milk powder feeding. At this time, we should choose the most suitable milk powder for your baby according to your own situation---milk powder or goat milk powder. .


  The biggest advantage of goat milk powder is:

  The baby is not easy to get angry, constipation, and has high utilization rate of digestion and absorption;


  Goat milk is weakly alkaline and can better protect your baby's delicate stomach;


  From the molecular structure, goat milk powder is more suitable for Asian babies than milk powder.


  Reason three: calcium-deficient baby

  It is well known that the content of calcium and the absorption of calcium are two different things. The absorption and utilization of calcium in goat milk powder is better absorbed than that of milk powder. Therefore, Bao Dabao mothers should pay attention to the absorption of calcium rather than the content of calcium.


  Reason 4: Baby with constipation on fire

  Baby constipation will cause the accumulation of toxins in the body, induce a variety of diseases, is the most headache of Bao Bao Bao Ma, how to solve it? The protein and fat granules of goat milk are only one-third of milk, and the baby is easier to digest and absorb, and the protein structure is more reasonable. This is similar to calcium supplementation. Nutrition is good and needs to be absorbed. If the problem is absorbed, the accumulation of nutrients will form constipation.


  Reason 5: Eat baby who does not gain weight, is thin, and has weak spleen and stomach.


  Because the absorption rate of goat milk powder is high and close to breast milk, it is very suitable for babies with malabsorption or poor absorption, which can effectively solve the problem of light eating, thin body and weak spleen and stomach. Also suitable for the elderly.


  Reason 6: Puffy, allergic, mild lactose intolerant baby

  It is not that the baby is getting fatter, the better, the focus is still on the absorption rate of nutrition. Milk powder is mainly composed of long-chain fatty acids. The fat of goat's milk is mainly medium-chain fatty acids. The fat is easier to digest and absorb. It is not easy to produce fat accumulation, and it is not fat.


  The allergic protein in goat milk powder is relatively small, only about 1%-3%, which can greatly alleviate the baby's milk protein allergy, and is recognized as a low-sensitivity dairy product in the world.


  The lactose molecule in goat milk powder is small, and it takes less baby lactase to reduce the lactose intolerance.


  Reason 7: Breastfeeding is ready to add milk powder

  Baby should be added or fed with milk powder. You can choose goat milk powder for replacement according to your actual situation. You don't have to choose the most expensive one, and you don't have to choose the most popular one. You must choose the most suitable one.


  Reason 8: Milk powder feeding baby who is tired of milk

  Some Bao Dabao mothers changed a lot of milk powder for their children. Every time they listened to milk powder, they drank less than half. The baby didn't like to drink milk powder. There are three reasons for this problem: First, there is no good transition after breastfeeding. To the milk powder feeding; second, the child in the milk powder feeding process is too early contact with children's non-staple food, rice noodles and other foods, these foods taste better than milk powder, but nutrition and milk powder are far apart; third is the premature edible snacks during milk powder feeding And beverage milk, these are basically food additives higher than infant formula, unhealthy. In this case, we have encountered a lot in actual sales.


  How to solve it? It is recommended to choose goat milk powder, because we also encountered a young mother who was very entangled in the actual sales of milk powder in the infant food area. When the clerk learned that she had purchased a variety of brand infant formula milk powder for her baby, But after drinking a few times, she would change the brand if she didn't like to drink. The clerk explained her knowledge of goat milk powder and introduced the Annus infant formula milk powder. After a week, the mother came to buy the baby again. Newhi infant formula goat milk powder and gratified to say: the child eats milk on time every day, no longer have a small emotion of not drinking, noisy. After hearing this feedback, we are confident and we are proud of our Anutric products.

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