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What is the role of OPO in milk powder? Why choose OPO milk powder?

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2018/06/14 00:01
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 We all know that breast milk is the best gift for mothers to give baby, it is the baby's original nutritious food.

  We all know that breast milk is the best gift for mothers to give baby, it is the baby's original nutritious food. The nutrients contained in breast milk are most suitable for digestion and absorption of infants, have high bioavailability, and their quality and quantity change correspondingly with the growth and needs of infants. Under normal circumstances, breast-fed babies are less likely to have various conditions, which is due to the special fat structure in the breast milk - OPO structural lipids.


  What is the OPO structural grease?

  OPO structural fat is actually a fat component, which can simulate the molecular structure of breast milk, make the milk powder formula closer to breast milk, reduce lipid loss and ensure the baby's energy supply; soften the baby's stool and help the intestinal health; significantly reduce the baby The loss of fat in the feces helps the baby's intestinal health and bone development, so that the feeding effect is closer to the breast milk state, and can conform to the baby's natural nutrition. Therefore, mothers who are unable to achieve breastfeeding will want to choose the milk powder that is closest to the mother's milk rich in OPO.


  Nutritional value of OPO formula

  1, create a healthy intestinal tract, do not get angry

  Baby intestine is the main place for nutrient digestion and absorption of growth and development. OPO formula can help your baby absorb and digest nutrients better, effectively reduce the possibility of calcium soap production, increase the softness of baby stool, reduce the incidence of constipation, and avoid The baby gets angry.


  2, reduce nutrient loss, easy to absorb

  OPO formula can effectively improve the baby's absorption and utilization of energy and other minerals, reduce the loss of nutrients, and help promote healthy growth and development of the baby.


  3. Promote bone development and grow well

  Calcium is the main component of human bones. Formulated with OPO formula can help infants better absorb calcium. It can effectively reduce the formation of calcium soap and make full use of calcium in bones, thus better supporting baby's physical and bone nature. growing up.


  The addition of OPO structural fat to Annus infant formula can effectively promote the baby's absorption and digestion functions, reduce the loss of nutrients, and more closely affect the baby's physical development.


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