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Don’t give this baby a “shake”

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2017/11/01 00:01
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Don’t give this baby a baby milk powder.

  Don’t give this baby a baby milk powder.

  When the baby is washed with milk powder, it is necessary to add warm water to the bottle first, and then put the milk powder into it. This ratio is accurate, but this will also bring a problem that the milk powder added to the water is difficult to dissolve completely, and often there is milk powder hanging. On the bottle wall and the bottom of the bottle, if you encounter such a situation, do you pick up the bottle and shake it back and forth to completely dissolve the milk powder? In fact, this is wrong!


  When the milk powder shakes vigorously in the process of shaking up and down, it will produce a lot of bubbles. When the baby drinks milk with a lot of bubbles, the air in the bubble will be swallowed at the same time, which makes it easy to spit milk and bloating after drinking milk.


  So the correct way to prepare the milk powder is to clamp the bottle with both hands and roll it back and forth. This kind of milk can make the milk powder dissolve completely without blistering!


  Points to note when making baby milk powder:

  1. Do not add milk powder first, then add water

  Adding water after adding milk powder will make the milk too thick, affecting the digestion and absorption of the baby's gastrointestinal tract, causing indigestion, dry stool, and serious necrotizing hemorrhagic enteritis. The correct method of brewing is to pour a fixed amount of warm water of 40 ° C _ 60 ° C into the bottle, and then add the appropriate proportion of milk powder, preferably ready to eat now to avoid pollution.


  2. Never boil the brewed milk powder again.

  High temperature will change the structure of nutrients such as protein and vitamins in milk powder, and lose the original nutritional value.


  3. Do not increase the concentration of milk powder and add auxiliary products.

  Because this will increase the infant's intestinal burden, in addition, when the baby is taking the medicine, unless the doctor can explain it, parents should not arbitrarily mix the medicine into the milk powder for the baby.


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