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Anutric's achievements have been repeated, "CCTV" is full of achievements

2017/12/29 00:01
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At the end of 2017, Anutric is really successful: success: Anutric infant formula successfully passed the national registration; good performance 2: selected in the CCTV Discovery Travel Channel "Quality" column; good performance three: Rong Deng "Made in China 2025 Brand "list. Recently, Anutric signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CCTV and officially entered the project of “Carrying National Brands to Pass the Craftsmanship Spirit” and will launch a high-frequency high-frequency launch on CCTV.

At the end of 2017, Anutric is really successful: success: Anutric infant formula successfully passed the national registration; good performance 2: selected in the CCTV Discovery Travel Channel "Quality" column; good performance three: Rong Deng "Made in China 2025 Brand "list. Recently, Anutric signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CCTV and officially entered the project of “Carrying National Brands to Pass the Craftsmanship Spirit” and will launch a high-frequency high-frequency launch on CCTV.


The project "Inventing National Brands to Pass the Craftsmanship Spirit" was built by CCTV. Its purpose is to explore the quality, create a brand, cultivate excellence products, and create the most high-quality and most outstanding products in the industry to become China's brand logo. This is with Anutric. The brand concept of "Building quality products and shaping the brand image of high-end infant formula" is highly compatible, and it also shows the country's full recognition of the Anutric brand.


2018 will be an important year for Anutric to enter the development and become a new first-line brand. In addition to the large-scale launch of CCTV, it will also be launched in industry media such as fashion parenting magazines and online media. At the same time, the offline will also cooperate with the construction of the terminal image and marketing support. In the future, Anutrici will continue to build more high-quality, safe and nutritious products with ingenuity, love and professionalism, and contribute to the healthy and happy growth of Chinese babies.


Since January 2018, Anutric will start to launch CCTV2 channels, including CCTV2, CCTV7, CCTV9, CCTV10, etc., and will be the first to preview the CCTV-2 "Life is Good" section (Monday to Friday). Play), starting in February, will officially launch a large launch. 2018, Anneus will continue to show you more exciting, so stay tuned!

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