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Anutric launches online marketing campaign and drives new momentum in brand sales

2019/05/17 00:01
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At present, the rapid development of China's maternal and child market, especially the Chinese milk powder market, experienced a major reshuffle after the implementation of the new policy of milk powder. In the current market environment, the domestic infant formula milk powder market is welcoming the opportunity of re-emergence. How should the milk powder manufacturers break through the development and realize their own development?

  At present, the rapid development of China's maternal and child market, especially the Chinese milk powder market, experienced a major reshuffle after the implementation of the new policy of milk powder. In the current market environment, the domestic infant formula milk powder market is welcoming the opportunity of re-emergence. How should the milk powder manufacturers break through the development and realize their own development?


  As the core mainstream consumer groups shift to the post-80s and post-90s, a new consumption environment is formed. The domestic milk powder brand has already seen this positive, and the major milk powder brands have upgraded the research and development, production and sales process of milk powder to improve the product service. At the same time, the online service, offline experience and marketing strategy are deeply integrated to fully meet the childcare needs of consumers in the new era.

100% maternal love, make your baby stronger and stronger


  Industry experts pointed out that there are still several foreign milk powder brands to wait until the second half of this year to be approved to pass the Chinese milk powder registration system, but the fastest time to market after approval is also to wait until next year. This means that 2019 will be the prime time for the development of domestic milk powder brands.


  In order to win the favor of consumers, the domestic milk powder brand has made a lot of effort in formulating. Take the most representative mid-to-high-end milk powder brand Anutric as an example. In 2011, Anutric officially entered the domestic market. A year later, Anutric infant formula milk powder was launched in China, bringing goat milk powder closer to breast milk formula to Chinese consumers. Anutrici nutrition experts specially imitated breast milk and developed a formula that is more suitable for Chinese babies.


  Compared with milk powder, goat milk powder has small fat molecules and small protein particles, which is good for digestion and absorption of newborn babies. Moreover, Anutric Goat Milk Powder uses 100% pure goat whey protein imported from NL45°. The content of goat milk is close to 80%, which is three times that of ordinary goat milk powder. It is rich in αs2_casein, immunoglobulin, and nutritional value. high. Its fully balanced affinity formula OPO affinity human body structure fat + nucleotide + DHA + ARA + lutein, supplement the nutrition for baby's brain vision development, enhance the baby's resistance and immunity, make the small head responsive, bright eyes . Special innovation adds a pure natural "fruit extract" from Switzerland to supplement your baby's multivitamins, minerals and dietary fiber to stimulate the baby's taste development, which is more conducive to the baby's acceptance of vegetables and fruits in the complementary food.


  Online and offline synergy, omni-channel layout accelerates development


  It is understood that in 2019, Anutric took "product-oriented, consumer-first" as the development concept. Not only in the product quality, production process, pre-sales and after-sales service in strict control, but also in channel strategy and marketing promotion. Establish an omni-channel layout in which online communication and offline services complement each other, accurately target audiences, and stimulate consumers' offline consumption experience with emotional interaction.


  With the rapid development of the domestic mobile Internet, young parents' demand for new information on terminals such as PCs and mobile phones is increasing, which makes their time spent on the Internet continue to grow. Since the beginning of the year, Anutric Online has continued to market its marketing efforts. First, in the media, Weibo and accurate communities, regular tweets, to create an annual communication topic #强宝宝宝宝成秘#, focus on reaching consumers. And as early as 2018, Anutric's milk powder quality was recognized by CCTV and became the designated brand of the "Little Wisdom Tree" column. In 2019, in addition to continuing to increase the variety of TV shows, parenting programs, online advertising, online nursery live courses will be upgraded. A variety of courses with rich sweepstakes to promote consumer participation, successfully launched the Anutric brand in the domestic infant milk powder market. We have seen that the younger generation of 80s and 90s young mothers, mostly independent women with higher education, have formed the habit of accessing information online, exchanging knowledge, purchasing infant formula and complementary foods, and they are eager to go online. Get professional pregnancy knowledge, but also hope to get guidance and help from childcare experts. Anutric seized this feature, on the one hand, customized an innovative h5 game called "Bao Ma Shaoguan Competition" for the treasure mothers, and participated in the online H5 "Pure Sheep Breast Percent Battle" prize-winning activity. In addition, Bao Ma can not only learn scientific milk powder knowledge from the game to easily earn points, but also have the opportunity to win an Anshixi pure goat milk powder suitable for Chinese baby's physique.


  On the other hand, Anutric not only uses graphics, video, H5 and other media to display products in all aspects, but also expresses love for mothers and babies through interactive communication activities. On the day of Mother's Day on May 12 this year, Anutric launched a "Novice Mother Tucao Troupe" campaign to address the problems of calcium deficiency, distress, and poor digestion during the child-rearing process. On-site Q&A in the WeChat group. Tucao is also a manifestation of love, is the care of the baby's healthy growth. Anneus created a space for open communication, allowing moms to reap the joy of interaction. These are deeply loved by young treasure moms and dads, not only make promotion more natural, more efficient, but also lead to offline dealer stores, forming a more effective transformation.


  Although the domestic milk powder market has entered a turning period, the milk powder market has not given enough time for the rise of the domestic milk powder brand. It must compete against time and race against time. Anutric realized that it is difficult to rapidly expand the sales market by virtue of its own resources. It is necessary to rely on the power of dealers to penetrate good products into the wider market in the country to increase product popularity and user purchase rate. In response to the channel, the sales market is rapidly expanded, and a variety of materials are prepared for dealers and offline stores. Nutrition experts are invited to carry out series of training activities for offline parenting lectures throughout the country, and joint order fairs and other services are held with dealers around the country. Not only for the support of dealers, but also closer to the distance between consumers, increase sales opportunities and enhance the brand affinity of Anutric.


  to sum up


  Anutric feeds the baby with a formula that is closer to breast milk, hoping to help the novice mother to provide 100% maternal care for the baby. It is no accident that Anutric can be recognized by consumers. It not only raises the quality and service of domestic infant milk powder to a new height, but also accurately grasps the market positioning, through TV station advertising, online interactive activities and "children's lecture hall". "The live combination of the boxing, continuous efforts in precision coverage and deep communication, to achieve the omni-channel layout and accelerate development.


  Under the stimulus of the formula registration system and the continued improvement of the national policy, the contest between domestic milk powder and foreign milk powder has entered the second half. The focus of competition is not only the development and upgrading of products, but also the marketing model and channel expansion will become a must for brands.

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