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China Food News: New consumer new market, Anutric and distributors grow together

2019/04/26 00:01
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The quality and safety of dairy products in China have become the leader in the food industry. After more than ten years of treatment and rectification, the quality and safety of dairy products have reached advanced levels. From January to November 2018, the State Administration of Market Supervision passed the inspection of dairy products with a pass rate of 99.9%, and the pass rate of infant formula milk powder was 99.8%. At present, the domestic goat milk market is booming.

The quality and safety of dairy products in China have become the leader in the food industry. After more than ten years of treatment and rectification, the quality and safety of dairy products have reached advanced levels. From January to November 2018, the State Administration of Market Supervision passed the inspection of dairy products with a pass rate of 99.9%, and the pass rate of infant formula milk powder was 99.8%. At present, the domestic goat milk market is booming. The market size is about 10 billion yuan in 2018, and the figure 10 years ago was only about 300 million yuan. The upgrading of consumer demand and the easy absorption of goat milk are the main reasons for the rapid development of the goat milk industry. At present, goat milk heat not only drives the development of production enterprises, but also attracts market operators. Operators are actively seeking excellent brand goat milk enterprises, with a view to integrating goat milk and infant milk powder into this market with potential for development and new development.


The domestic goat milk market is a new field of development and small market compared to milk. There are still many problems in production and management that need to be explored and studied. How does the goat milk brand achieve synergy and common development with distributors and terminal retailers? The reporter interviewed Fang Ce, the president of Anutric (China) Co., Ltd., who has served in the Fortune 500 companies overseas. After years of experience, he has unique insights into the relationship between enterprises and distributors.


"As a baby food enterprise that is responsible for the healthy growth of infants and young children, we must take a long-term development with a large pattern and a broad vision. We sincerely cooperate with dealers to achieve a win-win situation." Fang Ce said.


The same core view and the same goal are the basis for long-term cooperation between enterprises and distributors.


Fang Ce believes that the core value of both parties should be to serve consumers in the production of products and dealers operating agent products. With this common value, the cooperation between the two sides has a realm and vision. Under the market economy, the commodities are extremely rich and the competition is in full swing. Enterprises and distributors should not be the relationship between the big customers or the big customers, but should be a community of destiny with common development goals and seeking cooperation and win-win. Only when both parties can make a profit can they develop together. In today's market tide, no matter what kind of company and which kind of dealers have shortcomings, only by exerting advantages, fostering strengths and avoiding weaknesses, and collaborating with each other can we achieve the ideal one.


To provide dealers with competitive, sustainable brands and products


At present, the products sold by some food distributors are seriously homogenized, and the business varieties are exchanged for replacement, which leads to half of the business operations. In this state, it is difficult to achieve stable operation and long-term profitability. The reason is often that the products being operated are not competitive. What is a competitive, sustainable product? The core competitiveness of a product must be innovative and technologically transformative, and such excellence is difficult to imitate.


Fang Ce said that goat milk powder has not been generally accepted 10 years ago, but in recent years, with the promotion and popularization of goat milk powder, people have recognized the nutritional value of goat milk, and the consumption of goat milk is heating up more and more. Consumers should enjoy high quality goat milk, especially imported goat's milk. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, milk production in 2018 was 30.75 million tons, an increase of only 1.2% compared with 2017. According to the customs information network, the import volume of goat milk powder in 2014 was only 388.94 tons. By 2016, the import volume of goat milk powder was as high as 8651.77 tons, an increase of 22 times, and the growth in 2018 was even stronger. The development of goat milk has entered a golden period.


According to a survey conducted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences' goat milk powder research group, 75.2% of respondents are more concerned about whether the milk source of milk powder is of high quality. High-quality goat milk powder should be a good growth environment for dairy sheep, high quality and stable milk powder index, and guaranteed supply. "Infant formula milk powder industry is a highly sensitive industry that is related to the healthy growth of the next generation. The first element of infant powder competition is the quality of milk source. Anutric has only conscience and intention, only good products." Fang Ce said.


In order to produce high-quality infant formula milk powder, Anutric has selected the milk source base globally. After repeated investigation and demonstration, it finally decided to adopt imported milk source with more stable quality, safe and pure quality. For example, the Netherlands imports goat milk, its milk source is located in the golden zone of the world's dairy goats. The dairy goats grow in the natural pasture environment, do not use hormones and antibiotics, the milk source is pure, nutritious, and the milk is mellow. At the same time, in the selection of other major nutrients such as OPO, fruit extracts, etc., Anutric is also working with the world's excellent raw material suppliers to make products from the raw materials. According to reports, in order to ensure the nutritional science of products, Annuxi hired senior experts to develop design product formulas, using 100% goat milk raw material formula design, without adding milk ingredients, at the cost of expensive anti-salted goat milk powder as an added amount The largest raw material guarantees the "pure, high and excellent" of the goat's milk ingredients. These have created the competitiveness of the Anutric brand and provided dealers with excellent products that occupy a high level of competition.


We must continue to cater to consumer demand, innovate products, and increase dealers’ continued profitability.


According to Fang Ce, the focus of Anuitxi research is to increase the baby's nutritional health index. Anutric is the first company in China to add fruit and vegetable extracts, fruit extracts, to infant formula and goat milk powder, and has been approved by the relevant state authorities to add fruit extracts to infants and goat milk powder. New Zealand's mother goat milk powder has realized the simultaneous consumption of goat milk for mother and baby; Anutricch innovative invention and high-cover packaging with three improvements have made the packaging more convenient and hygienic in use, and obtained national patents. Fang Ce said that only by continuous innovation and development can enterprises ensure that cooperation has a sustained stamina and achieve a win-win situation.


To serve the market in an all-round way, to expand the market for dealers and achieve common development.


Fang Ce said that due to the particularity of the infant formula milk powder industry, the channel has become more and more demanding for the professional services of brand owners. Infant milk powder enterprises must gradually transform from a simple production and sales enterprise to a service enterprise. Service is the adhesive for the development of production companies and distributors. It is a responsibility of the production enterprises to create sales opportunities for dealers, help dealers to expand the terminal market, and achieve profitability. At present, dealers have online and offline sales channels, rising labor costs, high market terminal development costs, lack of market input, and lack of professional marketing personnel. Anutric will address the pain point as a corporate service focus. Dealers provide intimate services.


First, help the channel to develop market planning, develop terminals, provide management consulting advice for dealers, and improve dealer market expansion and profitability. To this end, Anutric in-depth research market, help dealers to plan terminal promotion activities; in some areas with weak market development capabilities, help dealers develop terminal stores, only 2018, Anutric business staff to help dealers develop Nearly one hundred stores; in the key areas, assist dealers to hold regional investment promotion conferences to jointly develop the market. At the same time, in order to ensure a good business order in the local markets, Anutric has developed a strict product management system to supervise malicious cross-border behavior, so that dealers can operate with confidence.


The second is to carry out training and popular science activities. Infant with goat milk powder is a high-end consumer goods in the face of high-end consumer groups. Many urban consumers lack the basic knowledge of goat milk. Many young mothers have insufficient childcare experience. Feeding small babies is often awkward. Starting from the needs of consumers, Anutric has carried out a large number of pre-sales and after-sales services, trained the backbone of the business, and sent senior nutritionists with professional maternal and child knowledge to some cities for on-site training, and opened a "children's lecture hall" on the Internet. Online live course services to popularize and teach scientific parenting knowledge to novice mothers. The Anutrici public number has opened up a public welfare science in combination with maternal and child nutrition and health. In 2018, science popularization has reached hundreds of times, which has strongly supported the promotion of dealers in various places and increased the stickiness with consumers.


The third is the strong marketing support for the market. Fang Ce believes that both online and offline need to promote the brand image, improve product awareness, and help dealers develop the market. Anutric chose influential national and industry authoritative media to carry out brand promotion, and carried out brand promotion in CCTV Children's Channel children's programs, mainstream media, new media, maternal and child professional channel media, etc., so that "Anutric is pure baby" Good goat milk is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

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