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Good news: New Year's arrival, Anutric is registered by recipe!

2018/01/05 00:01
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On January 4, 2018, the two infant and infant formulas of Anutric's sheep and cattle were successfully registered by the State Food and Drug Administration. In the face of new industrial policies, Anutric will provide Chinese babies with safe, healthy and balanced foods with more precise formula, better production and better quality.

On January 4, 2018, the two infant and infant formulas of Anutric's sheep and cattle were successfully registered by the State Food and Drug Administration. In the face of new industrial policies, Anutric will provide Chinese babies with safe, healthy and balanced foods with more precise formula, better production and better quality.


Since its listing, Anutric has always attached great importance to independent innovation and research and development of products. It has accumulated a lot of experience in product formula design and production technology, and has made the products in an invincible position in the market for a long time. It is with these accumulations that Anutric products can be successfully registered through the strict review of the expert team of the State Food and Drug Administration in the registration of this infant formula.


In 2018, it will be a crucial year for Anutric to attack the new first-line brand. Anutric has completely opened up a new road of brand building and market development. At the beginning of January, Anutric has appeared on the CCTV financial channel and has launched advertising in the industry's authoritative media. Next, it will be launched in 7 central units, 9 central units, and 10 central units, as well as network and print media. Highlight the brand strength, tell the quality story, and create a market highlight. In 2018, Anutric will continue to bloom!

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